House-to-house registration: A ruse to steal (Pt 2)

first_imgDear Editor,Last year an email was sent from Basil Williams, Chairman of the PNC, to Amna Ally, Joseph Harmon, Winston Felix and Raphael Trotman. In that email, he reminded them of some decisions that were taken by the PNC’s Elections Committee in preparing for the next elections.In it he spoke about their throwing on some mega parties to attract young people. A lot of money will be spent to bring artistes from the Caribbean and further afield. He is, no doubt, working on the assumption that by doing these ‘feel good things’, they will be able to shore-up their flagging support.In fact, he was explicit. Their disrespect for their supporters knows no bound. It is rooted in their philosophy that, give them a sport and they will forget their own conditions.Note that they are planning ‘a Carnival’ in May for Independence. This is the plan kicking in. Foreign artistes and huge parties are being planned. The ‘oil’ money is being spent in advance.He also had some other measures to deceive the Guyanese people, including temporary removal of some taxes and relaxation of the 2 a.m. curfew, until after elections.So, if they can succeed in postponing the elections for two years, as was done in 1990, then, with oil money, they hope to intoxicate the country with parties. They believe that that would make their supporters forget the abominable performance of the regime and make them stay with this corrupt and incompetent regime.In passing, it is interesting to note the persons who the email was addressed to. Is this the rigging team?The first step in the rigging ‘process’ is to postpone the elections and to splurge. They hope that that would serve as the explanation for an APNU ‘victory’ if they succeed in implementing their scheme.However, they should put in their equation that the PPP/C is not in the mood for any postponement, they could be putting the country in a constitutional crisis.Secondly, the crude way that they used to rig ‘in’ the past may not be possible now. The PPP/C is going to work hard to block every loophole, to prevent rigging.The new measure that was used in 2015 was bogus statements by poll. It would be hard for them to repeat that stunt in the next elections.They are using ‘their influence’ in the judiciary to frustrate the hearing of the Elections Petition case. That would expose them and their plants operating in GECOM. This is disgraceful.The PPP/C is working to deal with all their shenanigans. It needs the support of all democratic and peace loving people to stop the riggers.Amna Ally’s call is just a ruse to implement their diabolic plan. Let us ensure that they don’t succeed, and in so doing win back democratic government.Sincerely,Donald RamotarFormer Presidentlast_img

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