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He is Britains most successful boccia player and

first_imgHe is Britain’s most successful boccia player, and will be taking part in his fifth Paralympics, but Nigel Murray is as excited about Rio 2016 as he was about taking part in his first games in Sydney 16 years ago.Murray (pictured) already has four Paralympic medals, including two golds – he is the fifth most successful Paralympic boccia athlete – and will be going to Rio with strong medal chances in the individual BC2 and BC1/BC2 team competitions.He told Disability News Service that he and his fellow team members have worked just as hard in training as they did in the lead-up to London 2012.As an athlete with cerebral palsy, he said the sport is physically draining because of the need to use so much energy during matches.So from July onwards, the ParalympicsGB boccia team have been balancing the intensity of their training with the need to get as much rest as possible in the lead-up to competition.He said: “All the hard work has been done over the last seven or eight months and now it’s just getting ready and having a bit of tapering off, but because the game we play is a hand-eye coordination game you don’t want to stop altogether, you want to keep yourself just ticking over.”Training over the last months has been a combination of conditioning sessions at home, including physiotherapy and hydrotherapy, with coming together as a team two or three times a month for three, four or five days at a time.Murray has experience of competing in Rio, as he took part in the Rio 2016 test event last October, so he’s done some “groundwork” and has shared that experience with other members of the squad.Recovery time from the lengthy flight from London to Rio will be crucial, he said, and the “exhaustion” of long-haul flights is something he and his boccia team-mates will have to cope with.He said: “It’s preparing yourself for that and the journey and ensuring when you get there that you get the adequate amount of recovery time to give you the optimum time to feel at your best to compete.”The boccia squad fly out to Brazil on 2 September, with the opening ceremony on 7 September, and will have well over a week before they start competing.Murray said: “It gives us plenty of time to acclimatise to the change in time clocks, get over the travels and the jet lag and get some good quality training time in readiness to start competing.”Long-distance international travel is something the British team are used to now, said Murray, who has watched the popularity of boccia grow over the nearly 20 years he has been playing, with more than 40 countries now playing the sport.He said that putting the new ParalympicsGB kit on for the first time was “fantastic”.He said: “It’s just as exciting as it was the first time. I’m as proud as I was back in 2000 when I went out to Sydney.”And he is excited, too, about the boccia squad’s medal chances.The BC1/BC2 team he is a member of is ranked second in the world, while he is ranked in the top 10 in BC2 singles.David Smith is the world number two in the BC1s, while Stephen McGuire is world champion in the BC4s.The squad also features the McCowan brothers, Jamie and Scott.Murray is optimistic about the development of boccia, although he is “frustrated” – as DNS reported last month – that yet again there will not be live television coverage of the sport at Rio.Despite the lack of live coverage, he said that London 2012 helped boost the sport’s profile across the world, and not just in Britain.He said: “It has raised the standard across the world; there are better competitions, more competitions, everything is bigger and better, standards are raised.“When I came into the sport in 1999, I would never have dreamed that if I was still playing [in 2016] that the sport would be a professional sport.“I’m very proud of my sport. It’s not a sport that has the high profile of many of the sports but I’m very proud of saying I’m a boccia player and will do anything actively to promote my sport and the benefits and merits of my sport and as athletes what we achieve.“It’s a great sport that anybody can play and that’s why I find it a little frustrating because unless we get that key to the door that lets us in and we can really showcase our sport, it does make it difficult for us to compete in the profile stakes.”Picture of Nigel Murray by onEditionlast_img read more

Fellow activists and friends have paid tribute to

first_imgFellow activists and friends have paid tribute to Juliet Marlow, the “campaigning linchpin” of the organisation that leads disabled people’s opposition to the legalisation of assisted suicide in the UK.Members of Not Dead Yet UK (NDY UK) were among those paying tribute to Marlow, after her death on 11 August following a short illness, describing her as NDY UK’s “communication guru” and “one of the most generous people we have ever known”.Baroness [Jane] Campbell, co-founder of NDY UK, said she and fellow activists were “absolutely devastated” at their loss.She said: “Not only did she contribute an invaluable service to our under-resourced fight to protect the lives of disabled people (coordinating, writing and speaking for us), but most importantly she was our steady rock and friend.”She described her as “the most generous-natured person I have ever come across”.In a statement on its website, NDY UK added: “Juliet was totally committed to this work and ensured that everyone knew exactly what we were doing, why we were doing it and she helped everybody take our message forward. “She devoted a great amount of time and energy to our cause.“But there was also so much more to Juliet’s talents. She researched for us, she wrote for us and she spoke for us, often to very hostile audiences.“She was courageous, kind and above all, one of the most generous people we have ever known.”In one campaign video recorded for NDY UK in 2015, in opposition to the latest attempt to force a bill to legalise assisted suicide through parliament, Marlow (pictured) said: “The idea that the pro assisted suicide lobby have that if you need help to do things to help you wash, dress, bath, toilet that you’re not dignified is complete rubbish and it makes me quite angry.“I have been employing my own personal care assistants for the last 20 years and because of them, because I have the right support and I have the right amount of painkilling medication I have a fantastic life.”She added: “Once suicide, assisted suicide, physician assisted suicide, becomes accepted, it will become expected.“Do we really want to live in a society that expects its citizens to end their own life when they’ve outlived their own usefulness?”In one of her last public appearances, in February, she spoke for NDY UK at a controversial conference hosted by the Royal Society for Medicine on “choice at the end of life”.She had only been added to the list of speakers after NDY UK raised concerns at not being invited to speak at the event.She told the conference that legalising assisted suicide would “negatively affect the relationship between disabled people and society” and warned of the risk of people being “slowly” coerced into agreeing to an assisted suicide.Instead of legalisation, she said, “we need to call for better funded social care and palliative care; that’s what makes the difference between a good life and a bad life for disabled people and that is being slowly eroded by the current administration”.Marlow also campaigned on other significant issues affecting the lives of disabled people, including the closure of the Independent Living Fund.She was a former student at the Hampshire residential special school and college Treloar’s, which saw scores of pupils with haemophilia given NHS blood contaminated with HIV and hepatitis in the 1970s and 1980s.Her first husband, Simon Sedgwick – who she met at Treloar’s when they were both taking part in the school’s production of the musical West Side Story – was one of those who was given infected blood and later died.Marlow later campaigned for justice for survivors and relatives of those who had been contaminated.Reports suggest said that of 89 children with haemophilia who attended Treloar from 1975 onwards, all were infected with hepatitis or HIV, while only 16 are still alive.Comedian Laurence Clark was Sedgwick’s classmate and best friend at Treloar’s.He said: “My overriding memory of [Juliet and Simon] at school was just how grown up their relationship was compared to everyone else’s and how much in love they were.“Whilst I was working up the courage to ask out my first girlfriend, they were making wedding plans. They married when Simon left college in 1992.“I went down to stay with them a few times in their flat in Southampton, where we’d binge watch Juliet’s old Monty Python videos.“We lost touch for a while after Simon’s funeral, but years later reconnected through the movement.“In later life I greatly admired her campaigning work against assisted suicide, a deeply personal issue for her. Juliet truly managed to make the personal political.”Ade Goodyear, another friend from Treloar’s, met her when he was 10 when they both started at the school in 1980.He said she was a talented singer-songwriter and he performed alongside her in the school band, The Traill.She sung lead vocals (as Juliet Boyd) on a song with an anti-drugs message, Don’t Chase The Dragon, that was recorded and released, and featured on the television programme Hearts of Gold in 1988, after the intervention of a record producer the students had sent their song to.Goodyear said his friend “had the most remarkable ability to make life feel long, even to those who lives were shortened.“Her friendship was simply life defining and kind, wrapped in the memories of the force for good Ju was and will always be.”He said she was “an absolute joy to know and was always emotionally intelligent from a tender age.“She was also a bundle of knowledge who had the most amazing way of listening without judgement and then offer such supportive advice that so often fitted any individual’s needs.“She was so attentive, [and] emanated a calm but determined strength that made me and all that knew her proud to say so.”In addition to her activism, Marlow was studying for a PhD at Southampton Solent University, where she was studying the changing representation of disabled people with physical impairments on television, and was a freelance writer and a former development worker for Hampshire Coalition of Disabled People.She was also a singer and a member, alongside her second husband, Keith, of the rock/pop cover band The Marx Brothers Band.Dennis Queen, an NDY UK activist, said the loss of their “fierce warrior” had left “such a big hole”.She said Marlow had dealt with much of the day-to-day work of NDY UK “quietly behind the scenes, as well as writing many of our articles, giving interviews with the media, and getting on the streets whatever the weather, when we needed to protest. “We’re going to be a bit lost without Juliet for some time. I’ll personally miss her astute guidance, excellent ideas and rational approach, as well as her fierce and fabulous personality. And her absolute refusal to ever budge off message.“All of us at NDY UK wish to send our love and respect to Keith and the rest of Juliet’s family, and to thank them for sharing Juliet with us.”Another leading NDY UK activist, journalist and presenter Mik Scarlet, said: “Juliet was one of those rare people who was driven by the feeling that she wanted to leave the world a better place than she found it.“I hope that her family know she surely did that. Her passion and drive, and sense of humour, was infectious and made you want to do better.“I’ll miss her so much, and will hold her in my heart, along with so many wonderful disabled allies we lost recently, whenever I campaign for that better world.”Baroness Campbell said that Marlow’s loss would leave a significant campaigning hole, with NDY UK now “in desperate need of someone to carry on the work that Juliet gave so readily and with passionate commitment.“She will never be replaced, but we must continue our fight against the dark forces of assisted suicide – that’s what she would want and expect of us.”Picture by Eleanor Lisneylast_img read more

Labours newest party political broadcast ahead o

first_imgLabour’s newest party political broadcast, ahead of local elections on 2nd May, delivers the message that “austerity isn’t over”. Narrated by Mancunian actor Maxine Peake, who is a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn, the film airing tonight focusses on the “land that Brexit forgot”.As with other recent PPBs, Labour eschews Brexit to instead talk about education cuts, the housing crisis, our underfunded NHS and rising violent crime. The effects of Tory policies – and it is made clear that they are a result of “ideological choice”, not necessity – are shown through clips of realistic experiences, from a child in hospital awaiting their operation to people trying to access shut-down services.The latest video was not made by Simon Baker, the award-winning director behind ‘Our Town‘ and ‘Our Country‘, but does again use a naturalistic tone and the voice of a Labour-voting actor. (Julie Hesmondhalgh featured last year; Shameless and Silk star Peake narrates this PPB.)The broadcast was filmed in areas of the country that have been most affected by Tory austerity, including Bolsover, Gloucester and Chippenham. It features young activist Cameron Mitchell from Dennis Skinner’s seat and Labour’s newest MP Ruth Jones, as well as Jeremy Corbyn.“The time for tinkering around the edges is over,” viewers are told. The script emphasises community-oriented work, local decision-making and specifically the importance of high streets, promoting the party policy of establishing regional development banks.Bins in the Tory PPBThe Conservative Party has also shown a willingness to avoid Brexit during the local election campaign, with its own party political broadcast carrying the same message as the one it used in last year’s local elections – “bins not Brexit”.The first Tory broadcast of the local elections makes claims about having better services and lower council tax in Conservative-run councils. It ignores the national picture entirely and appeals to the head rather than the heart – unlike Labour’s offering.Both main parties want to avoid the central issue of the day, which continues to divide voters across the country and within seats. The councils up for grabs are largely in 2016 Leave areas, where Labour usually struggles and where traditional Tory voters are likely disappointed by the government’s chaotic handling of Brexit.Shop window poster in Labour’s PPBCommenting on Labour’s PPB, the party’s campaign chief and local government spokesperson Andrew Gwynne said: “We are saying it like it is. Austerity Britain isn’t over and all across our country, communities are feeling the serious pinch after nine years of austerity and a Tory-made crisis.“Our towns across England are like the land that Brexit forgot. For months and years now, the political establishment has been focussed on the processes around Brexit, but on the doorsteps, they’re not talking about indicative votes. They’re worried about cuts to kids schools, rising violent crime and the decimation of their high streets.”“There is a clear choice on 2 May, between continued austerity with the Tories or proper investment, fairness and change with Labour.”Below is the full text of the PPB script.Austerity isn’t over. It isn’t over for the kids who don’t have the text books they need in school. It’s not over for the young person still living at home, who can’t afford to move out.For the patient left waiting in pain, their operation delayed once more. Nor for the elderly person living in fear, because violent crime has doubled in 5 years.Austerity is an ideological choice, made by politicians who don’t use our hospitals, live in our neighbourhoods, or rely on our public transport.Bringing the chaos to an end starts with electing local leaders who have the courage to break with a strategy that’s not working for the many.Who won’t stand by while your park, library or police station is closed down, sold off to private developers.Public services like the NHS are among our country’s greatest achievements. They support us from our earliest years; always there for us when we fall.We must move quickly to protect and build upon what generations before us built – what belongs to us.Our country is one of the richest in the world. We can afford to keep our schools open, make sure a day’s work pays a proper living wage, and build enough affordable homes to end the housing crisis.We can do this when we work together.  Because a party made up of hundreds of thousands of people from every region of Britain will do things very differently to a party funded by the privileged few.Labour will rebuild our communities after years of austerity. We’ll make our high streets thrive again, with regional development banks supporting local shops and small businesses. And our councillors will work with you to bring decision-making back to where it belongs – the community.The time for tinkering around the edges is over. The time to act is now. Vote Labour on May 2nd.Tags:Austerity /PPB /Party Political Broadcast /Labour party political broadcast /Local elections 2019 /Maxine Peake /last_img read more

THE Saints ran in 15 tries to beat Crusaders 820

first_imgTHE Saints ran in 15 tries to beat Crusaders 82-0 in a decidedly one-sided curtain raiser to the main game at Widnes on Saturday writes Graham Henthorne, Team ManagerLed around the park by Dom Speakman and Danny Yates, 13 of the 15 tries came from the backs who showed a clean pair of heels to their opponents all day.But as usual it was the forwards w/ho laid the platform for their more fleet of foot compatriots. This was typified in the opening score of the game. Drives from Jack Francis and Brad Ashurst, who terrorised the opposition every time he touched the ball, took the Saints forward and quick hands to the right saw James Hill get the first of his brace in the corner.Another massive Ashurst drive taken on again down the left by Joe Greenwood put the Academy on the front foot. Alex Clare broke through gave it on to Corey Lee who took it to the full back before feeding Yates on his inside.Mark Percival showed his class in knocking off three would-be tacklers on his way to the line for the third and when Leon Tatlock opened his account the match was effectively over after a quarter of an hour. Another Greenwood drive put James Hill in at the corner and Lewis Foster dove in at dummy half to keep the score at a point a minute.A good inside ball from Yates saw Corey Lee show his pace in running under the sticks for his first.The final act of the first half saw Crusaders pick up a Saints loose ball and go 90 metres to threaten the Saints line only to drop the ball at Leon Tatlock’s feet and the winger outpaced the cover for a great wingers try.Being so far ahead at half time can often be the kiss of death and sides find it difficult to keep up the momentum after the break but Coach Derek Traynor asked his side to be professional in their attitude and show no mercy to the visitors. Seven more tries in the second period speaks for itself.Joe Greenwood left the match at the break to take up his position as 18th man to the first team, a well earned recognition for his displays for both 18’s and 20’s, so it fell to Connor Dwyer to make the breaks down the left and that’s exactly what he did.He put Lee in for his second as the full back supported his break brilliantly.Dom Speakman scored twice in back to back sets before Dwyer put James Tilley away and he found Yates to go under the sticks.Foster’s wide miss pass put Tatlock in for his hat-trick and then Ashurst swatted away defenders before Yates found Alex Clare on the burst to score.A serious injury to centre Nathan Skupski gave put a downer on proceedings but the 80 point mark was brought up on the final whistle as Yates completed his hat-trick.One sided it may have been but you can only play what’s put in front of you and that’s exactly what the Academy did today.Brad Ashurst had his best game in the red vee, Corey Lee again showed his class chiming into the line well, Lewis Foster and James Tilley add go forward from the bench and Connor Dwyer showed how he’s benefited from his recent outings at Reserve level. But it’s hard to look past someone who scores 34 points and has a hand in almost everything else for Man of the Match, so well done again Danny Yates.Match Summary:Saints:Tries: Corey Lee 2, James Hill 2, Mark Percival, Leon Tatlock 3, Dom Speakman 2, Danny Yates 3, Alex Clare, Lewis Foster.Goals: Danny Yates 11.Crusaders:Tries:Goals:Half Time: 42-0Full Time: 82-0Teams:Saints:1. Corey Lee, 2. James Hill, 3. Mark Percival, 4. Nathan Skupski, 5. Leon Tatlock, 6. Dom Speakman, 7. Danny Yates, 8. Brad Ashurst, 9. Callum Welsby, 10. Jack Francis, 11. Joe Greenwood, 12. Alex Clare, 13. Connor Dwyer. Subs: 14. Lewis Foster, 15. James Tilley, 16. Adam Hesketh, 17. Chris Webster.Crusaders:1. Jacob Morgan, 2. Josh Ramsay, 3. Bradley Hill, 4. Jack Pring, 5. Tom Jones, 6. Olly Olds, 7. Courtney Davies, 8. Owen Thomas, 9. Dale Evans, 10. Rhys Watkins, 11. Sebastian Vidal, 12. Thomas John Collin, 13. Rhodri Lloyd.Subs: 14. Efan Ellis, 15. Dan Maguire, 20. Tom Evans, 17. Luke Kell.last_img read more

ADAM Swift and Matty Dawson will be in the Saints

first_imgADAM Swift and Matty Dawson will be in the Saints Superstore this Saturday from midday until around 2pm.They will be on hand for pictures and autographs as well as helping fans choose their Saintly gifts for the festive season.We have a great range of ideas for Christmas including our brand new ISC Trainingwear, Replica Home and Away shirts, leisurewear and a whole host of other products,Pop into the Saints Superstore to find out more or click here for our Christmas catalogue.last_img

Mahjong with Meaning for Brunswick Little Theatre

first_imgSOUTHPORT, NC (WWAY) — The tile game Mahjong requires skill, strategy and sometimes a bit of chance, much like being an actor on a stage. Some thinking thespians are now coordinating a Mahjongathon, to raise money for the Brunswick Little Theatre.President of the Board of Directors at Brunswick Little Theatre Kathy Cagney Rossi and Mahjong expert Elaine Simpson sat down with WWAY’s Donna Gregory with a preview of the Mahjong with Meaning Fundraiser.- Advertisement – The event is June 7, but you must register by Friday, May 17.last_img read more

Dozens get SKYWARN storm spotter training at WWAY Event Center

first_imgStorm spotter training in the WWAY Event Center on May 20, 2019. (Photo: WWAY) LELAND, NC (WWAY) — Dozens of Cape Fear residents interested in learning how to forecast, track and report weather events are now storm spotter trained.From thunderstorm dynamics to hazards, these curious minds are ready to safely assist their community no matter the weather.- Advertisement – Steve Pfaff, warning coordinator for the National Weather Service office in Wilmington, led the program.Joshua Henderson says this is one step closer from him becoming a meteorologist.“The stuff that people do here is going to help the community out and more people should be joining this SKYWARN thing so then people will be prepared for whatever Mother Nature has to throw at us,” Joshua said.Related Article: Water Street slated to reopen to two-way traffic in early MayJoshua says he can’t wait to start helping the National Weather Service and join his father in storm spotting as he has done since 2007.last_img read more

Orange Expo Launched in UgandaIssue 8 ReleasedRIM joins the CTO as Sector

first_imgAdvertisement The Orange Expo, which has clearly attracted various classes of people, will be taking place for 3days, from 5th to 7th November 2010.Crazy purchaseWhat Orange called Crazy Sale ended up being a Crazy Purchase. The organizers have set out 30 minute intervals 3 times each day for people to buy phones at very discounted prices. Phones like Samsung C160, Coast FH, ALCATEL OT-S120 were being sold at UGX. 25,000/= (about US$ 10), and security had to deal with people scrambling to get buy. – Advertisement – Fun and GamesIn the gaming section, youths spent time playing some of the computer games that were being showcased.Overall, Orange’s current and future products including the iPhone 4, and HiFi adapter give the expo an unusual uniqueness.“We believe Orange is much more than a telecommunications provider, our products and services should allow Ugandans to share lasting connections and experiences,” said the Orange Uganda CEO Mr. Phillippe Luxcey.There will be music entatainment by Quela Band, Cindy, and Peter Miles.You can see photos from the Expo on the following link: read more

MTN SA announces international call promo

first_imgAdvertisement MTN South Africa customers who are on the company’s MTN Zone price plan can receive up to 100% discounted rates on calls to 200 countries.MTN SA has announced its International Calling promotion which offers discount on call rates to 200 destinations. (Image Image: Google/ company has introduced the MTN Zone International Calling promotion, which applies to customers on MTN Zone PayAsYouGo, MTN Zone Anytime TopUp and MTN Zone Off-Peak TopUP price structures. – Advertisement – The service covers destinations across Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the USA.“MTN is always evaluating its price plans and packages in line with our customers’ needs and usage behaviour,” says Serame Taukobong, Chief Marketing Officer at MTN SA. “South Africa hosts a significant number of people from neighbouring and foreign countries who want to connect with business partners, friends and family overseas at affordable rates.”The MTN Zone International Calling promotion offers up to 100% Mahala discounts on international call rates, depending on the called destination.Customers will be able to enjoy discounts between 10% and 90% when calling 200 destinations, while 100% discounts will be offered to a few countries including some of the most popular international calling destinations.Customers calling any of the destinations discounted between 10% and 90% will be able to make their calls at these rates for any length of time between 06h00 and 18h00 on weekdays whilst the 100% discount will only apply only for one specific hour, after which the normal discounted rate (between 10% and 90%) will apply.The countries which will be discounted at 100% will vary for the duration of the promotion. MTN customers will be able to view the promotional discounts on or by dialling *111*2# on their mobile device.The promotional rates are only available between 6am to 6pm from Monday to Friday. The promotion runs from 1 November 2012 to 31 January 2013, and is not available to customers on MTN Call Per Second, MTN OneRate, MTN Muziq, MTN TopUp price plans or MTN Anytime Contract customers.Source: ItnewsAfricalast_img read more