Braised chicken food must be thinking Steamed Rice good reputation of consumers’ trust

what brand of food and beverage industry to start their own business trip? I wonder if you are optimistic about the development of fast food industry. After the development of fast food market, food will think braised chicken Steamed Rice has very large development space in the market, joining less cost, low threshold, attracting many small entrepreneurs of all ages, the following small for you a simple introduction.

food will think of yellow braised chicken rice   reputation good consumer trust read more

My road to entrepreneurship, my own experiences, my feelings

one day in April 2006, a premeditated (a misnomer, but very real) ideas touched my heart, decided to leave the original company, began his entrepreneurial career path.

in April 2005 into a jewelry company to work, to learn and accumulate some experience, since the beginning of the plan after a year to go out of business, so now the company after he began studying hard jewelry related knowledge, no matter how busy it is, how tired, or even a month down rest day, but in the heart, I never fall down, to come, but also achieve good results in the company, including material capital reward, but still the greatest spiritual encouragement, the boss is very important to me, not 3 months let me when the sales the Department Manager, and director of the procurement department, the company’s customer information and basic goods are in my hands, but then again, since it alone did not use the original guest Family, because the boss is really good to me, I can’t do business with the rules of the game. Later and the original boss is still a good friend, this is what I am most gratified, did not become enemies. read more

Your value is not determined by the market, but by yourself

in the morning for new website topology, has received two calls, a provincial hospital, is a network, the two units of the personnel that is found from Baidu I heard the soft, well written, keyword optimization skills, I am asked to do the whole job site optimization. Although the two out of the salary is also good, especially the network also gives each additional popular keywords ranked home plus five thousand bonus, at first I is exciting, but eventually euphemism declined the invitation of two. Although my SEO is not mature, although the optimization needs a team combat, but I still have the confidence to do the optimization of this piece, I have been able to undertake an independent website optimization project. Now comes the company to develop the focus shifted to the critical moment of the site optimization, I cannot leave, I must be in the year after the company’s website leaf total collaborative optimization is set up, and continue to grow, to optimize the project done in one vigorous effort. read more

t pays to pay back. My online customer service system is profitable

is pleased that Admin5 has provided such a good platform for communication,

learned a lot from here. Today I would like to share some of my experiences with you.

I started the online customer service system this year. [HTTP://]

only so choose to do this, the 1 is my own, the original station will install online customer service, very convenient. The 2 one is that I have my own server. The 3 is to make a long-term project.

After the

system is debugged, wait for the client to register and collect the money. read more

The age of backup How did choose the website space and domain name

these days a little bit of time, I did fourth websites, the first three are not good, the best station is also around IP1000, poor 100IP. The site was originally want to earn a little money, but now there is no comrade Google to update the PR, third do website for half a year, no PR, no PR to sell the chain also do not sell a good price, one yuan a two yuan a, also do not sell, the site does not flow, do pop is not to earn money, it is only to be a station, I hope this new station do a good flow. It’s simple and easy to say. It’s not easy to say. read more

The stationmaster is looking for opportunities in the trough

forgets about himself and forgets about seo. Experienced several years of ups and downs, finally let oneself understand, do stand important, that is, experience, want to stand long-term development, need is persistence and opportunities.

once said, "difficulty is a stumbling block to a weak willed person, which sets him back from depression. For a strong willed person, it is a stepping stone to make him stand tall and see farther."."

in life is underestimated, men and women have to bear to all aspects of their life and spiritual pressure, and dignity, and the only thing we can do, perhaps only suffer in silence, and then warned, do SEO lost everything can start again. read more

To help the supermarket delivery 2 years, how to become a valuation of 2 billion O2O star company

[guidance] previously said, "errands" type of Internet business model is not reliable, but only 2 years of community 001, now became a monthly revenue of billions of dollars, the valuation of up to 2 billion of the O2O company. Founder Shao Yuanyuan: National Development of 600 thousand users, an average of 20 thousand orders per day, customers around 300 yuan, the Beijing market is also accounted for in the entire community 001 of revenue, and has begun to profit."

about 001 communities, in addition to most of Beijing city community residents, many consumers are still very strange, but the angel investors Xue Manzi invested 5 million yuan to set up two companies, now has billions of dollars monthly revenue, and from Beijing to the country’s more than 10 city. read more

Site 3 days, P thousands of analysis, rookie alternative promotion methods

I’m a grass root. It’s almost two years since I stood here. (middle, do stop), so still stay at the grassroots Adsense level,


in the continuous learning and communication with friends, I summed up the site 3 days IP over 1000 promotion methods:

1, first downloaded a landing on the Internet, 8.5 crack software, landing on the search engine.

2, registered N, multiple QQ, mission plus friends. In QQ group. Then send mail.

3, the website magic and group cooperation into. My site is QQ game player forum domain name is QQ QQ and spelling game player. So I focus on the promotion of localization is the QQ user! When with a group to talk about! One of his said reminded me: you asked me to write a website in my group address on what are the benefits? So I will think of free advertising idea! Do it. Surprisingly, I have come a lot of traffic, but also a stable member. read more

Webmaster buying virtual host cheated experience

personal webmaster do not easy, every day at the computer, the website as their own children, every care, update the content, to do publicity, to see where the art is not good, or not eat, immediately changed; it was a reflection of where it is not convenient, whether or not the thing it, immediately; others say all to be honest, hard-working ants, owners more tired, more hard-working! Because the webmaster is a person that is a homely food fight a lone battle all night.

which is not what the most distressing is the establishment of the product, the domain name is generally not a problem, but the host may suffer, if there is a problem, you do not worry, service providers do not care, you have no way, delayed two days, all the traffic quickly gone, very depressed ah. read more

Discussion on the value and main problems of website exchange link

first of all, thank you for watching this article, if you have different opinions, please forgive me, after all, I’m a rookie, well, cut into the topic. Believe that the webmaster exchange links attach great importance to this problem, then a link exchange can achieve effect, have great differences in many scholars or marketing staff views, some people think that the traffic can be obtained from the link is very small, some people think that the meaning of the link, not only can obtain the potential value of the brand, but also can get a lot of direct access. At the same time, there are still some areas to note for the issue of switching links. I personally feel that the meaning of the exchange links not only how much in the direct effect, but in the cognitive and recognition, in general, each link to sites closer in size, have certain relevance or complementary content. read more

t’s not a dream to make our way to success

as night fell, the neon lights of the high buildings in the city shone with colorful lights, and the nightlife of the city began. I walk in a street in the city, enjoying the cool breeze blowing, I feel more relaxed. From school to work, I spent almost every minute of free time to study and work around the red color, I have no mood to ignore. After coming to the city, this should be the first time for me to enjoy the night view of the city with my leisure.

I was born in rural areas, family is not good, in order to let me get a better education, parents all to friends and relatives to borrow the money, with heavy money came to the city, entering the university road is the parents’ hard-earned, I swear, I will never let my parents again worry about me! College life, in addition to the daily learning, I have part-time jobs in my spare time, hoping to earn a little money, sharing home dilemma. The part-time job made me learn a lot of successful people from it. The dream of entrepreneurship inspires me. read more

08 years of website promotion hot like feast

Xiao Bian’s complaints: Dear webmaster friends, in the small series of repeated efforts and brainstorming, the first phase of the "webmaster" finally met with you (flowers? What about applause? Where’s the flash?. Less gossip continued, the first phase we offer 2008 website promotion gluttonous dinner, make your site with the help of hot events within a short period of time to hot up, (TSK TSK………)

      the importance of website promotion is self-evident, and now the promotion methods are also various, each has its merits. Here, we only introduce one of them — seize the hot events, carry on the strong promotion, make the event "gluttonous feast", let more users take the initiative to enjoy". read more

First learn to pay, and then to think, return will be closer to the goal

the Internet is an open platform, the popularity of the network closer to the distance between people, the earth has become a global village. Stationmaster is the product of this network times.

said the master is as a long fight a lone battle, grassroots network owners, no sufficient funds, there is no strong background, no superhuman powers, no specific function, only in the personal website of the groping road. Stationmaster’s hardships, only oneself most clearly.

said that although the webmaster is very hard to fight a lone battle is inevitable, but the owners still have to learn to cooperate, to know their cooperation and win-win with others outside the box. As the saying goes, to take the first. If you want to gain the appreciation and cooperation of others, you should show yourself to others and meet the demands of others, and you will achieve your goals smoothly. read more

Brand analysis of local site Entrepreneurship lasting influence

Hello everybody, I’m grassroots brother, today for everyone to come to the local site entrepreneurial series of brand building analysis. In an article in the grassroots brother already and we talked to a local site planning content, some readers think that grassroots brother in. We continue the analysis, to make more vitality of our site, in addition to our promotion work to do well, we should focus on how to build our brand, to become one of the new media can affect what we do local site. Don’t talk nonsense, get to the point. read more

Test site compatibility performance

many owners in the development of a web site, are more focused on testing the function of the website, and the website style test is less and less, especially on the domestic site, we often visit some domestic site, will find in the IE display is normal, but the use of Firefox browsing when dislocation or some space can not be displayed, which is very good, the website is done to the customer, but the customer is from all over the world people, we can not be sure what they are using the system, they do not know to use browser preferences. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of different groups of people, we must test various browsers on the web page. read more

Where is the tomorrow of the novel stand

network, rivers and lakes in the site of life and death changes, just like the sun rises every day, West down natural. The novel station could not escape this fate, with the number of stations set, there are as many new sites will be on the line. Write down your attention to the novel station in the last few days and share it with you.

saw several previous stops closed. Some stations are originally can not; some stations are the original flow can, but was Baidu K. The biggest problem with the station is that we don’t care about our user experience, and we can’t retain users without thinking about what our users want. Like a good domain name, easy to use procedures, these are the basic hardware; but good content, comfortable pages, convenient operation is the core, but also the most we want users. For example, some small stations, such as novels, 520 hot novels Network, these stations are not very small, but with good user experience, you can gradually accumulate quite loyal users. read more

Uncle Li play meters domain investment 9 good word

        in 2009 today, I sat in front of the computer to write the above, is to say the following words:

1. domain names are time honored. In 1998, if I registered the domain name, can register any good at any time. But at that time there was no consciousness or money. I remember wearing * 1861, from 07 years China Mobile official change number for 10086, 1861 mobile BBS (then Baidu search mobile related are in the first page), no longer do. To seize the best opportunity to sell, to win, is beautiful. read more

Personal interpretation’s electricity supplier counter attack road is not without strength

two days before to engage in activities, friends all night waiting to grab something, this scene let me on the sale mode and a layer of understanding, as a member of China power in the business world, made a profit in the shortest time, acquired the brand and the driving force of the market, and its strength operation mode is really worth learning. Do their own 1211 rebate network, how to say that there are 7 years, and for like this counter attack like growth, personal feeling is still somewhat shocked. After all, now China business tradition, is taking the fight and fight capital logistics strategy, although in the low price to make a difference, but not as cheap nor encumbered with, their capital chain is affected, so’s success is more a reflection of wisdom. read more

Yang Huan to do soft marketing, will only write is not enough

Share of

marketing in today’s Internet proportion is quite high, the size of enterprise promotion in the use of this method, said bluntly, this is a kind of soft advertising form, some people say that this is a fraud, of course, even if this is a fraud, but also a good well, unless there is some people to cheat the user by using the method of trust, profit.

first, understand what soft Wen writer and soft text marketing difference,

soft Wen writer is only the purpose of promoting enterprises, publicity, brand promotion, product marketing and the birth of a person, so soft Wen writers can only be called a name. Soft Wen marketing is built on the soft itself and soft Wen writer on a sales method, with the writer of the difference is a big gap, want to become a professional soft Wen marketing is not so easy. If you write something like 20-50 of the total exposure, it’s a marketing failure. read more

Portals have Transformation mobile terminal and PGC can be cured

Abstract: once in the PC era, laughing old portals, has been unable to resist the impact of social media and mobile App, which have

arm to survive?

in September this year, Phoenix issued a sound of layoffs, so that the portal has become a media topic of concern. Back in time, Sohu CEO Zhang Zhaoyang said at the beginning of this year that the company will optimize its personnel structure in 2015. Just over 1 months, the Sohu has laid down more than 2000 employees. And as early as 2013, Sina has set off as much as 10% of downsizing, and the internal channel integration into news channels, commercial channels, integrated channels, such as the three major media channels. read more