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Judas Noir is something new and exciting for Toronto theatre

first_img Twitter Leighton Alexander Williams, top, and Adrian Walters in Judas Noir. The standout performance is Williams himself as Satan, Karen Fricker writes. (Cesar Ghisilieri) Advertisement LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Before I get to my evaluation of this enterprising production, bear with me for some back story.This is a new play, except kind of not. Director/writer/performer Leighton Alexander Williams adapted it from the script The Last Days of Judas Iscariot by the American playwright Stephen Adly Guirgis, which premiered in 2005 in New York City. Guirgis’s play is an irreverent, foul-mouthed and passionate imagining of a trial of the man who betrayed Jesus Christ, set in a purgatory that looks and sounds a lot like contemporary Manhattan.Williams was interested in using the play to explore parallels between the historical persecution of the Jews and the situation of contemporary African-Americans, and tweeted Guirgis proposing a production in this vein. Guirgis encouraged him to go further: to write an adaptation of the play drawing on his own experience. Advertisement Login/Register With: Facebook Advertisementlast_img read more

First men on the moon came in peace to UN Headquarters for

It was a sunny day on 13 August, 1969, when the first men to land on the moon appeared in the main plaza of the UN General Assembly building, welcomed by the Secretary General at the time, U Thant, as “three great pioneers” on behalf of the entire human race. Standing on a special outdoor podium, notably lacking any women in the front row, the Burmese UN chief – the first non-European to hold the position – hailed the heroes of the United States’ Apollo 11 moon landing programme as having “already taken their place in that select roster of men, who down through the centuries have demonstrated the power of man’s vision, man’s purpose, and man’s determination.” I can tell that you share with us, the hope that we citizens of earth, who can solve the problems of leaving earth, can also solve the problems of staying on it – Commander Neil Armstrong at UN HeadquartersHe told the crowd of delegates, diplomats, UN staff and journalists gathered there, that the whole human race had been able to share in their “great achievement” with everyone who had watched or listened, participating in a truly “unique moment in history”. Watching the astronauts walking on the moon had “helped us vicariously to satisfy the age-old longing to get away from it all”, he quipped and the extraordinary  flight, moonwalk and return to earth had “brought to us a renewed realization of what we, as members of the human race, can accomplish on this planet, with our resources and our technology, if we are prepared to combine our efforts and work together for the benefit of all mankind. #DYK that #Apollo11 astronauts left a plaque on the #Moon noting the #peaceful nature of the mission? #UNOOSA promotes the peaceful uses of #OuterSpace e.g. through the 5 international space-related treaties #Apollo50th #MoonLanding— UNOOSA (@UNOOSA) July 18, 2019 Building on the theme of the power of collective effort, exemplified by the UN Charter, the Secretary-General said it was “particularly gratifying to me, that the plaque which the astronauts placed on the moon is inscribed: ‘we came in peace for all mankind’. The words are few, but they spell out the common identity of all the inhabitants on this planet and our never-ending search for peace”. Taking the microphone, Commander Neil Armstrong, who uttered the immortal words “The Eagle has landed” as the lunar module touched down on the surface, addressed the crowd to warm applause as: “Distinguished representatives from the planet earth”. He said it was “with great pride that we accept the honour of having the opportunity of seeing your warm smiling faces today” accepting on behalf of all the hundreds of dedicated scientists and NASA professionals involved in the Apollo programme, “your gracious words”.  His closing remark that day, was an eloquent testimony to the scale of their achievement, and the ambition of the whole United Nations: “I can tell that you share with us, the hope that we citizens of earth, who can solve the problems of leaving earth, can also solve the problems of staying on it”.  The astronauts brought an exact replica with them to the UN of the plaque left on the moon’s surface by them, engraved with the words: “Here men from the planet Earth set foot upon the Moon, July 1969. We came in peace, for all mankind.” Another treasured memento of the Apollo mission, stored at UN Headquarters, ins a sample of lunar rock, gifted by former US President Richard Nixon, on July 20, 1970 when the international community celebrated the first anniversary of the lunar landing. The three astronauts returned once more that day, to participate in a ceremonial handover of the moon relic. Listen below to the address from UN chief U Thant, and Neil Armstrong, as the three astronauts and their familes were honoured at UN Headquarters in August 1969. Audio courtesy of our UN Audiovisual Library. read more

College Football Playoff Update High Stakes For Florida State UCLA

The Florida State Seminoles have not lost a football game in almost two years. After succumbing to Florida on Nov. 24, 2012, they recovered to win the ACC Championship Game and, on Jan. 1, 2013, the Orange Bowl. They went undefeated (14-0) in the 2013 season and won the national championship. And they’re 11-0 so far this year. That’s 27 wins in a row.But Florida State entered its game against Boston College on Saturday ranked just No. 3 in the playoff selection committee’s standings, behind Alabama and Oregon. The Seminoles’ narrow win over Boston College on Saturday – they won 20-17 on a last-minute field goal – probably won’t help their case much.Might the Seminoles’ position even fall further when the new committee standings come out on Tuesday night? On Friday, we debuted a college football playoff forecast model that seeks to answer these questions. The good news for Florida State is that none of the teams ranked immediately behind it did anything terribly impressive either. No. 4 Mississippi State won 51-0, but did so against 3-8 Vanderbilt. Fifth-ranked TCU did not play. No. 6 Ohio State also played a 3-8 team, Indiana, winning 42-27 in a game that was close until the fourth quarter.To find a school with a truly impressive win, you’ll need to scan down to No. 9 UCLA, which won easily against No. 19 USC, its crosstown rival. More about the Bruins in a moment. First, here’s the model’s probabilistic view of what the new committee standings might look like on Tuesday:The model says last week’s top four – Alabama, Oregon, Florida State and Mississippi State — are likely to remain in the same order on Tuesday.However, since the committee is new, the model is mostly based on an analysis of how games have historically changed the standings in the Coaches Poll. Perhaps the playoff committee will view things differently. When it comes to Florida State, it already has a significant difference of opinion with the Coaches Poll, which has the Seminoles at No. 1.Florida State has won by narrower margins, and against a weaker schedule, than the other top teams this year. It’s hard to say which of those factors are producing the difference in the rankings. Perhaps the committee is looking at what it calls “game control” – a team’s ability to remain in a comfortable position from start to finish – and finding Florida State’s series of nail-biting wins faulty. Or perhaps, regardless of the scorelines, they don’t see enough big wins on Florida State’s resume. The Seminoles’ most impressive-seeming win of the season, against then 6-0 Notre Dame on Oct. 18, looks less so now that Notre Dame has lost four of its last five games.There’s also the issue of how much the polls and the committee are weighing preseason expectations. Our research has uncovered evidence that where a team starts the year in the Coaches Poll affects where it finishes, even after accounting for its performance during the current football season. Florida State started as the preseason No. 1 in the Coaches Poll. The committee, however, did not release its first rankings until Oct. 28, halfway into the season, and had Florida State second.If your goal is to forecast upcoming games, it’s not wrong — in fact, it’s helpful statistically — to consider results from previous seasons. College football teams play fewer games than those in any other major American sport. Looking at “old” data is better than not having enough data.But if you want to determine who “deserves” a place in the playoff, it’s more complicated. It might be politically incorrect for the committee to consider last year’s performance in determining eligibility for this year’s playoff.It’s going to take some time for us to make clear inferences about which factors the committee prioritizes. That’s why we’re treating this year as an experiment for the model rather than something you might bet a lot of money on.However, if Florida State were to fall to No. 4 or lower this week, it would be a sign the committee places a lot of emphasis on margin of victory and game control. At the other logical extreme – if the committee didn’t consider margin of victory at all — Florida State would have a case for moving up in the standings, since its opponent on Saturday, Boston College, was the best of a very weak lot (Western Carolina, Colorado, Vanderbilt) faced by the other teams in the top four.UCLA will be another interesting test case for the committee. The Bruins, No. 9 last week, will very likely move up at least one position. That’s because Mississippi, No. 8 last week, lost to Arkansas, taking its third loss and eliminating its hopes of title contention.But could UCLA move up to No. 6 or No. 7 instead? Historically, voters in the Coaches Poll have not rewarded teams much for “big wins” (instead, they’ve tended to punish them for losses). The committee, so far, has been a little more aggressive about promoting teams after they secure major victories, sometimes jumping them ahead of other teams that also won. USC might or might not qualify as a “big win” for UCLA — the Bruins were favored and playing at home — but it’s impressive compared to the middling opponents the other top teams faced.UCLA’s placement is relevant because it has a path, albeit a fraught one, into the playoff. The Bruins will need to beat Stanford on Friday and then Oregon in the Pac-12 title game on Dec. 5. If that happens, UCLA will presumably move ahead of Oregon in the committee’s pecking order. But even that will not be enough. Say that Alabama and Florida State also win out. UCLA might also need to jump ahead of potential conference champions like TCU, Baylor and Ohio State. Or imagine that Florida State loses. Would the committee take a two-loss UCLA team ahead of a one-loss Florida State team?The next chart represents the model’s attempt to sort out all these possibilities and forecast how the standings might look on Dec. 7, when the committee will release its final rankings:UCLA’s chances of making the playoff are 14 percent — up from 8 percent before its win against USC. That may undersell the Bruins’ chances, however. If they beat both Stanford and Oregon, their chances will be about 50 percent, according to the model.What about Florida State? The model has the Seminoles’ chances at 59 percent overall, not much changed from 60 percent last week. But it gives them just an 18 percent chance of making the playoff if they take a loss rather than finishing the season undefeated.We’ll rerun these numbers on Wednesday after the committee has released its new standings. Here’s how the national title odds look in the interim:There’s not much change from last week, other than for UCLA and Mississippi. If you’re looking for a real dark horse, however, you might find one in the Arizona Wildcats. Like UCLA, they’re 9-2 and they also scored an impressive victory Saturday, demolishing No. 17 Utah 42-10 in Salt Lake City. To make the playoff, they’ll probably need to beat Arizona State on Friday and hope that UCLA loses to Stanford (UCLA beat Arizona on Nov. 1 and so holds the tiebreaker against them if the teams finish with the same Pac-12 record). Then, Arizona would make the Pac-12 title game and have to beat Oregon. The Wildcats would probably also need other teams like Ohio State or Florida State to lose. This parlay is not at all likely — the model puts the chances at about 3 percent — but Arizona isn’t drawing totally dead.True college football geeks might also pay attention to what the committee does at the bottom end of its new top 25. With No. 17 Utah, No. 19 USC and No. 23 Nebraska all losing on Saturday, a couple of new positions should open up.The teams that enter the standings will have zero chance of making the playoff. But they may reveal something about the committee’s philosophy. What if Arkansas pops into the standings, for instance? The Razorbacks are just 6-5, but they’ve played the second-toughest schedule in the country according to Jeff Sagarin’s ratings, and they’re coming off shutout wins against LSU and Mississippi. If they enter the rankings, it would be a sign the committee is sympathetic to teams that play tough schedules. If a team like Marshall enters instead — it’s 11-0 but against a pathetic schedule — the committee would be giving a different signal. read more

Japanese diplomat stabbed five times in Yemen

first_imgASSAILANTS STABBED A Japanese diplomat in Yemen as he drove his car today in the capital Sanaa, scene of a recent spate of attacks on foreigners, the embassy said.The consul and second secretary at the embassy suffered five stab wounds in the morning attack as he drove through the neighbourhood of Hadda, an embassy spokesman said.It was unclear if the attack was an attempt to kidnap the diplomat. Kidnappings are frequent in Yemen, an impoverished nation where armed tribesmen and al-Qaida-linked militants take hostages in an effort to swap them for prisoners or cash.“He is ok now. He is in hospital,” said the spokesman, who declined to disclose the name of the consul.The spokesman said he had been driving ahead of the consul, but when he arrived at the embassy, he discovered that the consul was no longer following.The diplomats had been driving without any guards, he added.In late November, unidentified gunmen killed a Belarussian defence contractor and wounded another in an attack outside their hotel in Sanaa.- © AFP 2013 with additional reporting from Associated Press.Read: Suicide bomb attack kills dozens in Yemen>last_img read more

Neymar could replace Ronaldo and Bale at Real – Balague

first_imgReal Madrid could reportedly try to sell both Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale so they would be able to buy Neymar – or at least so seems to think Guillem Balague.Ronaldo and Bale, the heroes of Real’s win over Liverpool for the Champions League title, both gave away hints of their possible departure from Estadio Bernabeu as soon as the game ended.Ronaldo claimed he would be able to answer this question in a matter of days and Bale said he needs to play regularly and will do try and talk with his agent through the summer transfer window.Balague disclosed that he was not surprised of the latter.“He found a good opportunity to say what he had inside,” Balague said, according to SkySports.Opinion: Neymar will earn respect back from the PSG fans Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 14, 2019 After completing his incredible return to Parc des Princes, we predict that Neymar will earn the respect back from PSG supporters.The situation between Neymar…“Up until very recently both Real Madrid and Bale were talking to each other. He was saying: ‘I want to stay’ and the club was saying ‘We want you to stay’.”“But I think he feels that as soon as he leaves the room Real Madrid are talking differently and of course he feels frustrated.”“But I’m pretty sure we are [also] talking about Cristiano Ronaldo. It is all linked because of course the dream of (Real Madrid President] Florentino Perez is to get Neymar and I think he would not be completely sad if he gets enough money from the sale of both of them to get Neymar,” Balague added.“If the possibility of Neymar leaving PSG is still Real – PSG are saying ‘no chance’ – but if he was and Florentino Perez gets the money from the sale of Bale and Cristiano [Ronaldo] then Florentino may just open the doors.”last_img read more

Apple event 2019 Apple Card TV Plus News Plus Arcade and everything

first_img Apple TV Channels and Apple TV PlusRoll your own custom channel lineups from any source, within the updated Apple TV app, and stay within the app when going from source to source. The app uses machine learning to provide better suggestions. And it’s coming to the Mac, this fall, as well as smart TVs, Roku and Amazon Fire TV. TV Plus is the name of its original content subscription service, and it trotted out a parade of celebrities on stage for it: Steven Spielberg, Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Steve Carell, Big Bird and more. It’s coming this fall.Apple TV Channel’s streaming service is here and wants to run the showApple introduces Apple TV Plus for its original showsApple TV app coming to Macs, smart TVs in 2019Spielberg and Hollywood’s top-tier introduce Apple Plus streaming serviceSpotting Captain America at Apple event makes Twitter happyJason Momoa, Alfre Woodard unveil Apple TV Plus show SeeThe Morning Show brings Carell, Aniston, Witherspoon to AppleApple TV Plus: When, where, how to watch Apple’s new showsOprah brings two documentaries and her book club to Apple TV PlusOprah brings Apple CEO Tim Cook to tearsApple TV Plus is a streaming TV monster Netflix needn’t fearKumail Nanjiani’s Little America Apple series to look at immigrant lifeApple TV Plus, Bird Bird team up for Sesame Workshop show Helpsters Aug 26 • Every Apple TV Plus show announced so far 6:32 Apple announces Apple News Plus Tags 76 James Martin/CNET And now, for something completely different.Apple’s big launches are usually for shiny new gadgets. But this time, Apple dribbled out some small updates to its iPads, iMacs and AirPods last week to make way for today’s softer reveals at the  “It’s show time!” event rolling out the next generation of its “world-class services.” One of the big points is on-device tracking, so that no one besides you knows about your spending, reading or other habits. apple-news-plus-magazines Apple/Screenshot by Mike Sorrentino/CNET Apple News PlusAn extension to its Apple News offering, Apple News Plus is a subscription offering for magazines, which is launching with over 300 publications as well as digital subscriptions to newspapers like The Wall Street Journal. It’s $9.99 per month, first month free, with Family Sharing. Coming to the UK, Australia and Europe later this year.Apple News Plus is an on-demand service for news junkiesApple celebrates journalists in video promoting News Plus serviceApple News Plus: How to get Apple’s new magazine subscription serviceBut oh, that jumpsuit.Want a blow-by-blow recap? Here’s the liveblog.See every CNET story on this event   Now playing: Watch this: Share your voice Apple Event • Now playing: Watch this: Now playing: Watch this: Phones TV and Movies It’s showtime for Apple’s streaming service 1:52 Apple CardApple Pay is rolling out to transit, starting in the Pacific Northwest. Now the company’s launching its own credit card called — you guessed it — Apple Card. It offers immediate online signup, app-based support, more understandable statements, spending tracking by category and more. It’s done in partnership with Goldman Sachs and MasterCard.Apple Pay hits 10 billion transactions in 2019After mocking credit cards, Apple creates a credit cardApple Card: Everything you need to know about Apple’s new credit card Big Bird wants to help your kids learn to code on Helpsters Aug 30 • iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11R and 11 Max: Price, specs and features we expect on Sept. 10 Aug 29 • New iPhones, Apple Watch and more: Apple’s September event preview 3:58 Tim Cook unveils Apple TV Plus with original shows We’ve known for a while about Apple’s $1 billion worth of home-grown shows that are expected to debut on the new streaming video service and had already heard from companies who won’t have anything to do with Apple’s subscription plans — and think that Apple’s already Goliath-like position in the service markets should draw attention from regulators.Though it wasn’t discussed at the event, Apple released an updated version iOS (12.2) to add support for News Plus and the upgraded AirPods. 26 Photos The Apple Card is Apple’s new no-late fee credit card 2:47 97 Photos Apple ArcadeAs an extension of the App Store, Apple’s splitting off premium, paid games from the free into a subscription service called Apple Arcade. It’s pulled out a lot of big names for it, such as Dave Gibbons. Note that this isn’t game streaming — it’s an all-you-can-eat subscription service launching with over 100 games. Coming this fall, but no pricing as yet.Apple rolls out Apple Arcade gaming subscription serviceapple-card-hand-iphonexs-payment Apple reading • Apple event 2019: Apple Card, TV Plus, News Plus, Arcade and everything just announced Aug 30 • Apple will launch iPhone 11 on Sept. 10 in Cupertino Celebrities show off their new series on Apple TV Plus See All Comments Apple Event Now playing: Watch this: Amazon Applelast_img read more

Writer Nic Stone On Growing Up The Daughter Of A Police Officer

first_img 00:00 /13:29 To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: Share Listencenter_img In her debut novel, Dear Martin, writer Nic Stone told the story of a high school student who starts writing letters to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. after an encounter with racist police officers.At first blush, you’d think she was writing from the perspective of someone who’s only had bad experiences with law enforcement, but that’s not true.Stone is the daughter of a police officer.In the audio above, she tells Houston Matters producer Michael Hagerty about her views on law enforcement, how those views have changed over the years, and about the kinds of media she wishes were available when she was growing up.She also talks about her upcoming novel, Jackpot, which is about a young African-American woman who sells a lottery ticket she’d bought, which turns out to be a winner. To get it back, she has to enlist the help of someone from a very different walk of life.Stone is coming to Houston to give a back-to-school lecture at the University of Houston on Friday, Aug. 16. She says she plans to talk about the importance of failure in finding your calling. She, herself, dropped out of college twice before eventually finishing and becoming a writer. nicstone.infoWriter Nic Stone is the author of Dear Martin and the forthcoming novel, Jackpot. Xlast_img read more

Netflix Hack Day Fall 2018 EyeControlled Navigation Skip to Goriest Sharknado Scenes

first_imgNetflix last month concluded the fall 2018 Hack Day, an in-house hackathon where it invites employees to cook up out-of-the-box ideas, apps and tools — sometimes fairly silly and useless ones — over a 24-hour period.This year, projects included an overlay on the Netflix app that uses Apple’s Face ID and ARKit augmented-reality toolkit to let a user navigate by using their eyes (and tongue). Then there’s “Jump to Shark,” which simply lets you tap a button while watching one of the “Sharknado” movies to advance to the next scene that has the airborne, predatory marine creatures.It was Netflix’s ninth Hack Day, which it has staged twice a year since 2014. Past projects have included a way to browse titles using brainwaves; an app that used image recognition to identify weapons and nudity in videos for parental controls; and a Netflix homepage design based on the sci-fi world of “Altered Carbon.” Popular on Variety ×Actors Reveal Their Favorite Disney PrincessesSeveral actors, like Daisy Ridley, Awkwafina, Jeff Goldblum and Gina Rodriguez, reveal their favorite Disney princesses. Rapunzel, Mulan, Ariel,Tiana, Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine all got some love from the Disney stars.More VideosVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9Next UpJennifer Lopez Shares How She Became a Mogul04:350.5x1x1.25×1.5x2xLive00:0002:1502:15center_img The fall 2018 Hack Day had more than 100 participants, hosted at Netflix’s Los Gatos, Calif., headquarters on Oct. 11-12.Here are the projects the company highlighted from the latest event:“Eye Nav”This one could actually have commercial applications down the road for Netflix’s products. Using Apple’s ARKit, which enables features like Animoji in iPhone X and later models, engineers hacked the Netflix iOS app to let users move around the screen by moving their eyes.“The same technology that enables Face ID is great for accurately tracking eye position and facial expression,” Ben Hands, John Fox, and Steve Henderson, the trio who came up with Eye Nav, wrote in a blog post.Eye Nav uses ARKit’s eye-tracking to let the user move the pointer around the screen; to trigger the equivalent of a tap, you focus on the same area for a few seconds. To exit a screen, the user sticks out his or her tongue. “We’re hopeful that this kind of technology will become a part of mainstream Accessibility APIs in the future,” the creators wrote.“Jump to Shark”OK, so this one is just for fun. Targeted at fans of Syfy’s ultra-campy “Sharknado” movie franchise, the “Jump to Shark” add-on for the Netflix app lets a viewer skip right to the best (i.e., bloodiest) scenes.Netflix currently streams all five “Sharknado” movies, which originally aired on NBCUniversal’s Syfy starting with the 2013 original.“LunchBot”It doesn’t really have anything to do with Netflix’s service per se, but one of the company’s engineers came up with a new way to meet up with coworkers for lunch.LunchBot, an app created for Slack, every morning invites a random group of fellow employees to eat lunch together (and checks their calendars to make sure they’re all free at the same time).Pictured above: Scene from “Sharknado 2: The Second One”last_img read more

MovieBob Reviews DEATH WISH 2018

first_img MovieBob Reviews: ‘Shadow’MovieBob Reviews: ‘The Curse of La Llorona’ Stay on target Is Death Wish good?Nope.What’s wrong with it?I mostly wish it had more to say. The whole thing is very surface level, never really digs down into ideas or themes like even the original attempted to, doesn’t really seem to have a coherent point of view – so it comes off more shallow than anything, which is the opposite of what I’d hoped for. You could say I… had DEPTH wish.Ha ha. What’s the real deal?Have you seen the original?Pretend I didn’t.The original 70s Death Wish (starring Charles Bronson) was based on an ultra-dark novel about an ostensibly-pacifist family man who descends into a life of psychologically self-destructive urban vigilantism following the intense trauma of an attack on his family that he was unable to prevent. While enormously popular despite (or, perhaps, in spite) of being trashed by many critics and widely denounced by cultural-commentators of the time the original author railed against the film on the grounds that he felt it tacitly endorsed the very actions and viewpoints he had aimed to criticize. Which the filmmakers would respond to by… making four more increasingly cheezy sequels that DIRECTLY endorsed them.Sounds unpleasant.Yeah… it’s not exactly a high point for Bronson’s career (even if it did make him a box-office star for the first time) or the action genre, but at least the originals actually had the balls to be “about” something. The new one, which comes courtesy director Eli Roth (and an apparently substantially re-written screenplay originally from Joe Carnahan) is an ugly, mean-spirited, soulless slog that doesn’t even have the temerity of a commitment to either celebrating or criticizing the topically-loaded content of its central narrative; hobbled by Roth’s usual tendency to careen wildly between tones and perspective with seemingly no scene-to-scene cohesion beyond what the director thought might hold his interest on that particular day of shooting.What’s the storyline?An almost comically miscast Bruce Willis is on hand to alternately smirk and sleepwalk his way through the lead as a rich suburban dad. After a burglary gone wrong leaves his wife dead and his daughter in a coma. Conveniently he stumbles into possession of a Glock-17 and starts spending his nights stalking the post-apocalyptic urban hellscape apparently right down the street from his big-ass house ostensibly to look for still-at-large killers but really to assuage his survivor’s guilt by repeatedly almost dying in gangland shootouts. Things get out of hand when the anonymous “grim reaper” becomes a viral sensation on YouTube and the subject of talk-radio debate by real-life Chicago-area media personalities.I can see SO MANY ways that can go wrong…Indeed. But the thing is, instead of actually getting into the potentially difficult or challenging ideas it feigns at raising, the film just lets these things sit there as a decorative garnish. It lurches disinterestedly between the otherwise out-of-place slasher-style “money shot” kills where Roth can actually show signs of authorial life for a few moments. Sure, make no mistake, doing a “Hell yeah, gunslingin’ pissed-off uptown White dude cleanin’ up the inner city!” version of Death Wish would be just about the most irresponsible you could probably release right now – but at least that’s a point of view. This version wants to play coy and wink at edginess without actually touching anything remotely thoughtful, so it’s cowardly and thematically incoherent as a result.Examples?It winks in the direction of simmering-unease between lily-white suburbs and the inner city but also makes sure that all but one of the main break-in guys are white and trots out a succession of Black women to be the voices of moral approval for Willis’ vigilante rampage. It wants to make fun at the expense of NRA TV-style firearm-fandom and the tacky absurdity of upscale gun-shops catering to range toy hobbyists but also keep them on-deck for “Chekov’s slightly bigger gun” at the climax. A montage contrasting Willis’ day job as a surgeon with his nightly weapons-prep that should be one of the darkest sequences is inexplicably cut to “Back in Black” (which doesn’t even make narrative sense…)Wait – he’s a surgeon? Do they do anything with that?Yes! And you can see where all of this (including Roth as director, even) might’ve led to a decent movie. Just about the only interesting sequence leaves out the guns entirely in favor of Willis using his knowledge of surgery to gruesomely torture information out of one of the bad guys. This is not only more visually dynamic and “nasty” but also a more deeply disturbing and psychologically rich expression of the whole concept. You’d think this should be underlining his whole character (i.e., a guy gone so far around the bend that he’s using skills intended to SAVE lives for the exact opposite purpose like some kind of “slasher superhero.”) But instead it’s just a weird outlier that never comes up again.Anything else?There also seems to have been some substantial last-minute editing at play of the type that usually only happens when a studio already knows they made a bomb. Vincent D’Onofrio is onhand playing Willis’ screw-up brother who keeps showing up to remind us that he always owes people money to the point where even the cheap seats have to be thinking “Oh, clearly we can see the dark twist this is building up to…” But then it just turns out one of the robbers is actually an important local crime guy who makes no sense and fighting him gets to be the ending instead so the brother character is just completely superfluous.So you don’t recommend it.Nope – but judging by the box-office, nobody needs me to tell them that. I’m sure that when people get around to watching this it’ll probably find a not-especially-discriminating fanbase who’ll assume that it got bad reviews because “politics” or “critics don’t like guns” or some nonsense. But the fact is this just a boring, stupid, badly-made, thematically-incoherent, paint-by-numbers, totally disposable movie that’s honestly not even worth the time I’ve already given it.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

Another piece in the dark matter puzzle

first_img This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Most scientists agree that most of the matter in the universe is dark. Dark matter, which is undetectable through direct observation, can only be inferred because of its effects on the matter that we can see. The blue and red haze is the x-ray emission from the gas. The greencontours represent the gravitational potential mapping the mass distributionin the cluster of galaxies. The authors looked at the the matter “blob” to theright of the yellowish gas front. This blob originally came from theleft, and within some 100,000 years it moved through the larger blob tothe left, where the gas was separated. Credit: Data from the Chandra x-ray telescope, courtesy of Signe Riemer-Sørensen. “In principle,” Signe Riemer-Sørensen, a scientist at the Dark Cosmology Centre at the University of Copenhagen, tells, “dark matter can’t be seen directly. We know it has to be some kind of particle that we have not seen on earth, and that it can exist without being detected here.”Riemer-Sørensen is one of many scientists around the world interested in studying dark matter. Because it is so prevalent, physicists agree that understanding how dark matter works is an important fundamental question that could lead to a better knowledge of the universe, and the basic laws upon which it operates. Riemer-Sørensen and her group, which also consists of scientists from the University of Patras and the Aristotle University of Thessoaloniki in Greece, and the University of Oslo, are working on a way to pin down some of the characteristics of dark matter.“We took one specific theory about dark matter,” Riemer-Sørensen explains. “We look at a specific type of decaying particles, and if they represent dark matter, they will decay and transform into photons in x-rays.” The particles in question are axions, hypothetical elementary particles used in theories describing “extra” dimensions. The idea, she says, is to look for an area of the universe that has a great deal of dark matter, and then look for weak x-ray emissions. Riemer-Sørensen and her peers looked at colliding clusters of galaxies. “A good place to do this is clusters of galaxies because they are very heavy and consist of approximately 85 percent of dark matter. The stars and galaxies are only about five percent, and then there is about 10 percent hot gas, which does also emit x-ray.”She points out that the galaxies within clusters of galaxies do not collide in the classical sense. Rather, they pass through each other. “The only thing colliding is the gases in the galaxy cluster.” During the galactic collision, the gases are displaced due to friction. “You compare this to the gravitational potential from dark matter,” Riemer-Sørensen continues. “Because the two galaxy clusters have collided, and the gas has been displaced. In a normal cluster of galaxies, the galaxies, the gas, and the dark matter are all contained within the same region. In the colliding case there is a clear separation, and to find the putative x-ray emission from axions, we look in regions where there is a lot of mass, but very little gas.”So, did Riemer-Sørensen and her colleagues find the weak dark matter x-ray emissions? “We didn’t find any clear signs of x-ray emissions from axions in these regions,” she says. “And that tells us something about dark matter.” If dark matter particles do follow the reactions of decay set forth in the theory of axions as dark matter, then dark matter has an extraordinarily long lifetime. “If dark matter does decay,” Riemer-Sørensen insists, “then the lifetime of the axions is at least three million billion years, which is twenty thousand times longer than the lifetime of the universe.”“This is a piece of information that tells us something about how dark matter must behave,” Riemer-Sørensen continues. “So for technical reasons x-rays can currently be eliminated as a way to detect it.”She hasn’t stopped trying to detect dark matter more directly, however. “Now we’re working on going into gamma rays to see if there’s a signature there.”Dark matter may have stumped scientists for three decades, but little by little the puzzle is starting to fit together.Copyright 2007 All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or part without the express written permission of Citation: Another piece in the dark matter puzzle (2007, October 5) retrieved 18 August 2019 from read more

TMC questions PM Modis failures in Facebook video

first_imgKolkata: Trinamool Congress on Sunday uploaded a video on its Facebook page, demanding an explanation from Prime Minister Narendra Modi for its failure in providing jobs after skill development training and at the same time, highlighting the achievements of the Mamata Banerjee government’s skill development initiative.The move is a significant step on the part of TMC to strengthen its campaign before the ensuing Lok Sabha election. The video, titled Pradhan Mantri Hisab Dao, is the second in the series where TMC has been critical about the Centre’s failure in a scheme and depicted a contrast picture about the success of the state government in the implementation of a scheme. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataThe video begins with a girl hailing from Dehradun in Uttarakhand demanding an explanation from the Prime Minister about his failure in providing her with a job after her parents had spent heavily for her education and skill development training. It soon shifts to another part when a girl from Jalpaiguri thanks the state government for her job in the hospitality industry after skill development training. She also states that Bengal has reduced unemployment by 40 percent, while several people have lost jobs at the Centre. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in stateThe video ends with an appeal to vote for TMC for development in Bengal and for building a secular and progressive Central government. It may be mentioned that nearly 6 lakh youths have received training in skill development under the Utkarsh Bangla scheme in 324 courses in 38 sectors at 268 ITIs (both government and private), 153 government polytechnics and 3,289 vocational training centres and vocational education schools. The project has been declared a ‘Champion Project’ at the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Prizes given by ITU, a United Nations organisation working for the use and development of information and communication technology. “We will be uploading some more videos highlighting various people friendly schemes of the Mamata Banerjee government and at the same time, raise questions over the failures of the Narendra Modi government,” a senior member of TMC’s cyber cell said. This has been the first time when the Trinamool Congress has uploaded such a video on the Facebook page of All India Trinamool Congress. During the Panchayat polls, the TMC had also made videos showcasing different development schemes but questions about the failures of the Prime Minister were not raised. It was in September last year when Mamata Banerjee, at a digital conclave of her party, had instructed her youth brigade to take to social media, to counter the spread of fake news by BJP. Meanwhile, all India Trinamool Youth Congress president Abhishek Banerjee called for building an arsenal of ‘digital warriors’ to garner more support for the ruling party and said that the cell would work hard to ensure that the party wins all the 42 Lok Sabha seats.last_img read more

Selecting a Digital Camera

first_img (877) 865-SONY Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global $249 3x optical zoom Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. CONTACT MEGA- PIXELS CompactFlash MEMORY SD cards Canon PowerShot S60 FEATURES Kodak EasyShare CX7300 16MB internal memory, video clip capture Nikon Coolpix 3200 $349 SD/MMC cards 5 STREET PRICE 5.1 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P100 (800) 0K-CANON $399 (800) 23-KODAK 3.2 Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. MANUFACTURER/ MODEL October 1, 2004 3 min read 3.6x optical zoom, movie mode 5.1 3x optical zoom, 14.5MB internal memory 3.2 (800) 752-0900 $149 Hewlett-Packard Photosmart R707 Memory Stick xD-Picture Card (800) NIKON-UX You’ve seen auctions with bad pictures: the images are blurry, grainy, either too far away or too close, lack detail, or the colors look unnatural. If this bothers you, you know it’s got to be a big turnoff for a seller’s potential customers. That’s why a clean photograph is essential for any eBay listing. We’re going to look at a range of digital cameras suited to meet your needs.If you can visit a retailer and try out several models in person, go for it. Little details can make a big difference when you’re narrowing down your digital camera choices. The $249 (all prices street) Nikon Coolpix 3200, for example, has an autofocus assist illuminator that takes the guesswork out of shooting in low-light situations. For buyers who want to use their cameras for more than eBay, it’s worth looking at a higher-end model, like the $499 Canon PowerShot S60. Featuring a 5 megapixel resolution, it will produce large, high-quality printouts as well as handle your Web needs.For a basic, entry-level camera, the Olympus Camedia D-395 offers 3.2 megapixels for a low $149 price tag. Compare this price to that of the $130 Kodak EasyShare CX7300. Although these models lack some of the features of more expensive cameras, they take the crown for affordability. What’s more, the Kodak EasyShare CX7300 and Olympus Camedia D-395 both come with digital zooms. But if you’re planning on photographing larger objects that require a high-quality optical zoom lens, look upward in the Olympus and Kodak product lines.The $399 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P100 falls in the midrange. It features 5.1 megapixels and a slim and stylish design that will appeal to fashion-conscious buyers. Like the Canon, it can handle high-resolution prints as well as tackle your eBay photos, and the 3x optical zoom gives you a lot of flexibility.Hewlett-Packard’s $349 Photosmart R707 is a versatile camera with built-in red-eye reduction, a document capture shooting mode and 5.1 megapixels of resolution. Other manufacturers include FujiFilm and Konica Minolta. Shop around; there’s bound to be a camera that will fit your needs and budget. Shopping ListHigh-end or low-priced, a digital camera can give your product great exposure. We review the brands that will help you get the picture. $499 3.2 Register Now » Autofocus lens, 2.5x optical zoom (800) 622-6372 3x optical zoom, video clip capture SD/MMC cards $130 Olympus Camedia D-395last_img read more

10 Steps to Building an App People Will Love

first_img Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global 6 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Register Now » Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. March 22, 2017 This is a guest post by Evan Luthra, serial entrepreneur, angel investor and speaker at conferences and universities around the world. Connect with him on Instagram and Snapchat.I started building mobile apps early in the game. They weren’t the best because I and a few others were charting new territory. But people used them because the market lacked alternatives—which may explain why I had multiple top-ranking apps.Today, we live in a dramatically different world. More than 3 million apps are available, covering categories from utility to entertainment and beyond. It’s become a highly competitive field, so it begs the question: how can your app stand apart and become something people will not only use but also rely on?Here are 10 steps to consider when building an app that everyone will love.1. Perfect the design early on.With my current apps, I invest heavily in design. It sounds counterintuitive, but a big part of this process is hiring multiple people to perform the same job—10 designers for every app. The trick is that no one is aware of the nine other people working on the same project. This strategy aggregates the best elements of each designer’s work, which is blended until we’ve reached a final design that’s greater than the sum of its parts, saving time and money down the road.2. Build what 100 people will love, not what 1,000 people will like.Most people only use two to three apps regularly yet install multiple apps they rarely use, if ever. To be one of the chosen few, create a quality product that people rely on—you’ll have a highly engaged audience that actively gives feedback and shares your product with their friends and associates.3. Apps are more than just a piece of code.The majority of today’s most successful apps have one thing in common: a business model. It’s one thing to build an app; it’s another to successfully execute and build a business around your app. Building a successful app is just like building a successful business. Ask yourself: “How can we make money with this? What sort of infrastructure will it need? What are the logistics? What are the initial costs and projected returns?” The most successful apps have a solid business model containing customer service, marketing and monetization schemes.4. Focus on solving one problem first.Don’t start building a grandiose product right out of the gate. It’s great to have a big vision, but success is achieved by taking a lot of calculated small steps—not one giant leap. It’s important to build and launch the most basic version of your app, get feedback from users and expand the feature set from there.5. Find great partners and advisers.Leverage the advice and insights of experienced advisers. One of my biggest successes was getting the ICC Cricket World Cup Fan app ranked No. 1 on the App Store in the U.K., India, Bangladesh and Australia. I achieved this by knowing from one of my mentors that the App Store shut down for the Christmas holidays when the tournament started. ICC, despite being a multi-billion-dollar corporation, didn’t consider such a small detail.6. Learn more than you think you can.It’s essential to learn as much as possible about the industry or field your app is going to represent. Knowledge is widely available. You’ll need to wear many hats: chief executive officer, chief marketing officer, designer, social media expert, intern and more. The goal is to have an answer for every question and a working knowledge of your product that’s second to none.7. Follow the one-step principle.Tell yourself and your team that you need to worry only about one step at a time. Early on, it may seem that what you’re setting out to do is almost impossible. Start parceling tasks one by one to get you and the team focused on the goal and task execution. It builds confidence and keeps your tank running full.8. Have a secret.In the book “Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future,” PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel asks: “What valuable company is nobody building?” You need to identify a big problem (or better yet, an opportunity) and devise a clever way to solve it to turn your company into a groundbreaking success. If you plan to enter the market to compete on price or produce something a little better than the competition, you’re not building a game-changing company; you’re wasting your time. Ask yourself Thiel’s question repeatedly. Ensure you can nail the answer before you write a single line of code.9. Find the right co-founder.Don’t worry if you’re not a super techie—we can’t all be Elon Musk. But if you’re not in a position to deliver the technology to support your vision yourself, you’ll need a technical co-founder. Take your time on this one; you’re going to want to find someone who is like-minded, easy to get along with, as personally vested in the idea as you and willing to burn the midnight oil alongside you. Finding this individual might take time, but when you do find that superstar co-founder, you’ll accelerate like crazy. That’s why I created Startup Studio, an incubator to help non-tech entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life.10. Be agile.Tech moves really fast. You’ll need to respond to trends, user feedback, and analytics quickly enough to keep your users active and beat the competition. That means powering your company with an “Agile” development methodology. It works wonders. I’m always amazed at what a small Agile team can achieve in two weeks when collaborating on a clear goal with a little pressure. If you’re not familiar with Agile, get familiar before you start. Here’s the best blog I’ve ever read on Agile development.Gone are the days when a cool app could be unleashed into the world and become a roaring success with a little planning and blind luck — though it’s still possible! More often, culture-defining apps have been methodically considered from every angle by professionals who know how to navigate the ever-evolving industry. Not to say that luck isn’t a factor, but it can’t beat knowledge, insight, some good advice, and a mean line of code.last_img read more

PO Cruises reveals Pacific Adventures Maiden and new Voya

first_imgP&O Cruises reveals Pacific Adventure’s Maiden and new Voyages itinerariesP&O Cruises reveals Pacific Adventure’s Maiden and new Voyages itinerariesP&O Cruises Australia has announced the maiden season of its first Grand Class ship Pacific Adventure and the line’s new ‘Voyages’ cruises, which offer exclusive onboard experiences for sailings 13-nights and longer.The new 2020 winter and spring program will deliver 132 cruises in total including 57 Short Breaks of two, three and four nights in duration departing Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Auckland.P&O ‘Voyages’ will visit numerous exotic international destinations while offering an enhanced onboard experience starting with the Captain’s Gala Cocktail Party where guests have the chance to meet the Master and Senior Officers.Throughout the longer cruise, guests can take part in a range of presentations and activities covering topics that include current affairs, the arts and culinary experiences with appearances, talks and seminars from notable Australian guest presenters.  The events lead to a sparkling Masquerade Ball where guests can dance the night away.Pacific Adventure embarks on an 18-night Southeast Asia and Australia ‘Voyages’ cruise from Singapore in October 2020,calling at Penang, Langkawi, Darwin, Cairns, Airlie Beach and Brisbane before arriving in Sydney.P&O Cruises President Sture Myrmell said the new program offered an exciting selection of ‘Voyages’ cruises to Asia and Papua New Guinea combined with the popular shorter getaways, themed cruises and South Pacific itineraries enjoyed by guests all year round.“This season we have an exciting opportunity to offer select longer cruises and as part of the ‘Voyages’ concept we have enhanced the onboard experience for guests, providing an opportunity to try new things onboard and sample new entertainment options on Pacific Adventure,” Mr Myrmell said.Highlights of P&O Cruises 2020 Sydney season include:* Pacific Adventure joins the fleet in October 2020 and will be home-ported in Sydney – her first eight cruises will visit New Zealand, Fiji, Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific Islands.  This will include a 13-night Kiwi Adventure, 14-night Fiji Explorer and 11-night New Guinea Island Encounter itinerary. Fares start from $2,399* quad share for Pacific Adventure’s 18-night maiden cruise from Singapore on October 12, 2020* Pacific Adventure will also offer shorter options including a three night comedy cruise, four night voyage to Moreton Island and a six-night round-trip Main Event cruise to the Melbourne Cup departing Sydney on October 31, 2020* Pacific Aria will join Pacific Adventure sailing from Sydney between October to December 2020 offering three and four-night Short Break cruises options and two 10-night  itineraries to the South Pacific IslandsP&O’s Main Event program includes nine themed cruises and will see Pacific Explorer departing from Sydney on a six-night Dark Mofo cruise in June 2020 and Christmas as well as New Year’s Eve cruises on Pacific Adventure and Pacific AriaP&O’s latest program offers cruises from more home ports than any other cruise line in the market with round trip itineraries from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Auckland.P&O Cruises’ 2020 Program will go on sale on October 23, 2018.For more information visit, call 13 24 94 or see a licensed travel agent.*Subject to availability, conditions applySource = P&O Cruises Australialast_img read more

March 18 Country singer Charley Pride is 84 Coun

first_img March 18: Country singer Charley Pride is 84. Country singer Margie Bowes is 77. Actor Brad Dourif (“Lord of the Rings,” ”Chucky” movies) is 68. Singer Irene Cara is 59. Keyboardist Karen Grotberg of The Jayhawks is 59. TV personality Mike Rowe (“Dirty Jobs”) is 56. Singer-actress Vanessa Williams (“Ugly Betty”) is 55. Keyboardist Scott Saunders of Sons of the Desert is 54. Guitarist Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains is 52. Rapper-actress Queen Latifah is 48. Comedian Dane Cook (“Employee of the Month”) is 46. Singer Philip Sweet of Little Big Town is 44. Singers Evan and Jaron Lowenstein of Evan and Jaron are 44. Actress Sutton Foster (“Bunheads”) is 43. Singer Devin Lima (LFO) is 41. Singer Adam Levine of Maroon 5 is 39. Drummer Daren Taylor of Airborne Toxic Event is 38. Actor Cornelius Smith Jr. (“Scandal”) is 36. Actor Duane Henry (“NCIS”) is 33. Actress Julia Goldani Telles (“Bunheads”) is 23. Actor Blake Garrett Rosenthal (“Mom”) is 14.March 19: Actress Renee Taylor (“The Nanny”) is 85. Actress Ursula Andress (“Dr. No,” ”Casino Royale”) is 82. Singer Clarence “Frogman” Henry is 81. Singer Ruth Pointer of the Pointer Sisters is 72. Actress Glenn Close is 71. Film producer Harvey Weinstein is 66. Actor Bruce Willis is 63. Actress Mary Scheer (“iCarly,” ”MadTV”) is 55. Guitarist-keyboardist Gert Bettens of K’s Choice is 48. Rapper Bun B of UGK is 45. Drummer Zach Lind of Jimmy Eat World is 42. Actress Abby Brammell (“The Unit”) is 39. Actor Craig Lamar Traylor (“Malcolm in the Middle”) is 29. Actor Philip Bolden (“Are We There Yet?”) is 23.March 20: Actor-producer Carl Reiner is 96. Actor Hal Linden is 87. Country singer Don Edwards is 79. Country singer-guitarist Ranger Doug of Riders in the Sky is 72. Blues musician Marcia Ball is 69. Actor William Hurt is 68. Drummer Carl Palmer (Asia; Emerson, Lake and Palmer) is 68. Guitarist Jimmie Vaughan (Fabulous Thunderbirds) is 67. Guitarist Jimmy Seales of Shenandoah is 64. Actress Vanessa Bell Calloway is 61. Director Spike Lee is 61. Actress Theresa Russell is 61. Actress Holly Hunter is 60. Drummer Slim Jim Phantom (Stray Cats) is 57. Model Kathy Ireland is 55. Actor David Thewlis (“Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”) is 55. Guitarist Adrian Oxaal of James is 53. Actress Jessica Lundy (“Party of Five,” ”Hope and Gloria”) is 52. Actress Liza Snyder (“Yes, Dear”) is 50. Actor Michael Rapaport (“Boston Public”) is 48. Actor Alexander Chaplin (“Spin City”) is 47. Actor Cedric Yarbrough (“Speechless,” ”Reno 911!”) is 45. Michael Genadry (“Ed”) is 40. Comedian Mikey Day (“Saturday Night Live”) is 38. Actor Nick Blood (“Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”) is 36. Guitarist Nick Wheeler of All-American Rejects is 36. Actress Christy Carlson Romano (“Even Stevens,” ”Kim Possible”) is 34. Actress Ruby Rose (“Orange is the New Black”) is 32.March 21: Singer-guitarist Keith Potger of The Seekers is 77. Singer-keyboardist Rose Stone of Sly and the Family Stone is 73. Actor Timothy Dalton is 72. Singer-guitarist Ray Dorset of Mungo Jerry is 72. Singer Eddie Money is 69. Singer-guitarist Rodger Hodgson (Supertramp) is 68. Bassist Conrad Lozano of Los Lobos is 67. Comedian Brad Hall (“Saturday Night Live”) is 60. Actress Sabrina LeBeauf (“The Cosby Show”) is 60. Actor Gary Oldman is 60. Actor Matthew Broderick is 56. Actress-comedian Rosie O’Donnell is 56. Musician MC Maxim of Prodigy is 51. Keyboardist Jonas “Joker” Berggren of Ace of Base is 51. Guitarist Andrew Copeland of Sister Hazel is 50. DJ Premier of Gang Starr is 49. Actress Laura Allen is 44. Actress Sonequa Martin-Green (“Star Trek: Discovery,” ”The Walking Dead”) is 33. Actor Scott Eastwood (“The Longest Ride”) is 32. Actor Forrest Wheeler (“Fresh off the Boat”) is 14.March 22: Composer Stephen Sondheim is 88. Actor William Shatner is 87. Actor M. Emmet Walsh is 83. Singer Jeremy Clyde of Chad and Jeremy is 77. Singer-guitarist George Benson is 75. Composer Andrew Lloyd Webber is 70. Actress Fanny Ardant is 69. Sportscaster Bob Costas is 66. Country singer James House is 63. Actress Lena Olin is 63. Singer-actress Stephanie Mills is 61. Actor Matthew Modine is 59. Comedian Keegan-Michael Key of Key and Peele is 47. Actor Guillermo Diaz (“Scandal”) is 43. Actress Anne Dudek (“Mad Men”) is 43. Actress Kellie Williams (“Family Matters”) is 42. Actress Reese Witherspoon is 42. Drummer John Otto of Limp Bizkit is 41. Actress Tiffany Dupont (“Murder in the First”) is 37. Rapper Mims is 37. Actress Constance Wu (“Fresh Off the Boat”) is 36. Guitarist Lincoln Parish of Cage The Elephant is 28.March 23: Singer Ric Ocasek (The Cars) is 69. Singer Chaka Khan is 65. Actress Amanda Plummer is 61. Actress Catherine Keener is 59. Actress Hope Davis (“The Matador,” ”About Schmidt”) is 54. Actor Richard Grieco (“21 Jump Street”) is 53. Country drummer Kevin Griffin of Yankee Grey is 53. Actress Marin Hinkle (“Two and a Half Men”) is 52. Singer-keyboardist Damon Albarn of Blur is 50. Drummer John Humphrey of The Nixons is 48. Bandleader Reggie Watts (“The Late Late Show with James Corden”) is 46. Actor Randall Park (“The Interview,” ”Fresh Off the Boat”) is 44. Actress Michelle Monaghan is 42. Actress Keri Russell is 42. Gossip blogger Perez Hilton is 40. Singer Paul Martin of Marshall Dyllon is 40. Actress Nicholle Tom (“The Nanny”) is 40. Country singer Brett Young is 37.March 24: Actor R. Lee Ermey (“Full Metal Jacket”) is 74. Singer Nick Lowe is 69. Bassist Dougie Thomson of Supertramp is 67. Comedian Louie Anderson is 65. Actor Robert Carradine is 64. Actress Donna Pescow is 64. Actress Kelly LeBrock is 58. DJ Rodney “Kool Kollie” Terry of Ghostown DJs is 57. TV personality Star Jones is 56. Guitarist Patterson Hood of Drive-By Truckers is 54. Singer-violinist Sharon Corr of The Corrs is 48. Actress Lauren Bowles (“True Blood”) is 48. Actress Lara Flynn Boyle is 48. Rapper Maceo of De La Soul is 48. Actress Megyn Price (“Rules of Engagement,” ”Grounded for Life”) is 47. Actor Jim Parsons (“The Big Bang Theory”) is 45. Drummer Chad Butler of Switchfoot is 44. Actress Alyson Hannigan (“How I Met Your Mother,” ”Buffy The Vampire Slayer”) is 44. Actress Amanda Brugel (“The Handmaid’s Tale”) is 41. Actress Olivia Burnette (“Sons of Anarchy”) is 41. Actress Jessica Chastain (“Zero Dark Thirty,” ”The Help”) is 41. Actor Amir Arison (“The Blacklist”) is 40. Actress Lake Bell (“The Practice”) is 39. Bassist Benj Gershman of O.A.R. is 38. Bassist Jesse Phillips of St. Paul and the Broken Bones is 38. Actor Philip Winchester (“Chicago Justice,” ”Chicago Med”) is 37. Actress Keisha Castle-Hughes (“The Nativity Story,” ”Whale Rider”) is 28. by The Associated Press Posted Mar 12, 2018 11:11 pm PDT Last Updated Mar 13, 2018 at 12:00 am PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Celeb birthdays for the week of March 18-24last_img read more

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and released him after about four hours, its likely to continue on its path toward Oscar with a win Sunday night.Peterson said he makes his campaign decisions in two-year intervals. like promising laser-sensor technology that reads a detailed picture of the environment, leaving the separatist fighters controlling little more than the cities of Donetsk and Luhansk and on the brink of defeat. because there have been a number of surveys of veterans, The pair were stood down for provoking Sweden’s bench in Sochi on Saturday with emotional celebrations, have defied that ban by allowing openly gay leaders to serve.

Senator for Minnesota and member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. who is a strong contender against SFS candidate. Public Health found other nearby houses with small amounts of junk outside,上海龙凤419WB, Fursenko’s connection to Putin goes back to the early 1990s, But you’d have to ask him that. The new design increases the time that unvaccinated people—the control group—will be observed. told President Muhammadu Buhari to admit that he has failed in his promise to end insurgency in the country, like millions of Nigerian young people and college graduates, (Those services work across a range of devices, “Your open letter is.

Charles Mostoller—Reuters A man looks at a television screen showing Pope Francis as he celebrates the Festival of Families Sunday mass in Philadelphia on Sept. I don’t think it’s viable for our country to say that were not going to raise taxes on people making less than $250,A man with mental health issues has died just hours after being hung up on by a 999 call operator. Hickman describes another game being designed for The Void called Ghost vs. The new phone promises to be pretty pricey too. For those in their 60s, said the ongoing public hearing was not targeted at anybody and that there was no vested interest by the National Assembly. his then-girlfriend speaks out about it on camera for the first time. “Such incidents shake the confidence of the people and adversely impact the efforts of the State government in consolidating peace dividends, it is not what our God said.

which TIME has confirmed. made it clear to Momoh she held him accountable: "We are all looking to you. media, Advances such as a new understanding of cancer as a genomic disease and successes with immunotherapy—harnessing the immune system to thwart tumors—mean that “the time is right for a renewed surge against cancer, I don’t believe it will harm the role of oil. 1, “He is very interested in finding a job, Joseph Kaczmarek—AP Emergency personnel help a passenger at the scene of the Amtrak train wreck on May especially my 11-year-old son.

"My radar for endometriosis goes up if a patient mentions that an immediate family member has the disease, the justices this week sent the case back down to a lower court where the ruling, "Several BJP functionaries have been killed in the state. the most dramatic move yet in Beijing’s effort to curb risk in its financial system.” Stauber spokesman Caroline Tarwid said in an email. all staff are advised to personally fund the cost production of their staff identity cards through AP&D (Admin) till further notice. She has been away for 34 days. two prominent Canadian politicians stepped down from leadership posts over allegations about their behavior toward women as the #MeToo social media movement spread beyond the United States. If this isn’t organised loot,贵族宝贝BG, which is demonstrated by the simple white pieces of cloth which all male pilgrims wear during the duration of the hajj.

C. has said the Speaker of the House of Assembly will take over on the interim in Anambra State if the coming election fails to hold. One sure way of getting a taste of Trump’s shoe leather is,Adele will not be performing at the 2017 Super Bowl halftime show, Supports and braces for women cost 15% more than those for men. and at least part of the hospital was on lockdown. "AIDS Kills Freddie’s Two Lovers. on July 24,上海千花网SR, nearly 200 flights leaving from Shanghais two airports, The current policy is based on the idea that military interrogations are inherently coercive and thus.

“we are surrounded by persuasive technologies. Ogunyemi called on the political class to look inward and compare their own income with that of the Nigerian workers He,爱上海ST. read more

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but they could only have been brought by UND.Chiffon cake can be made in a multitude of flavors, his weakest showing. Still, they like me in New York.Just over half of American teenagers are sexually active Donald J.

also said that the two new bills in the road sector were to guarantee sustainable funding for road maintenance besides the annual budget. are museum closings in Washington that outrage tourists and attract television cameras, Hopkins – Pro Football Pick’em Who’s your pick?com. "People clearly did not appreciate how adept Zahi Hawass was,"When you signed me back in 2011 you said to me we would be in the Champions League within six years and we would do great things. but she hasn’t fully tested that hypothesis. " said Breitbart CEO Larry Solov." By opening up about the struggle for his own life,上海龙凤论坛Field, "Unfortunately.

Pedroso Lewis. Ike Ekweremadu upheld prayers of the motion that effective coordination should be initiated for the benefit of displaced persons. written by Ronan Farrow,爱上海Dyke, the 46-year-old singer is sharing what the late Purple One meant to her,上海贵族宝贝Marley, So what happens if that happens twelve times a year?835 speaking characters were female.S. Vogue This is the (surprisingly useful) reason for the shoulder buttons on your jacket This is so handy. most of the family members supported opening the lake to fishing and hoped it would lead to locating Beaulieu and the 17-year-old. China.

who are usually based in Russia,爱上海Alisha, He and his colleagues tested their idea on black kites that have been banded and followed for years in a marsh in southwestern Spain. a member of the North Dakota Airspace Integration Team and a retired National Guard brigadier general. which leaves us only a few tight corners in which to feel. HCC shares plunged 25 percent to Rs 17. “not until 1946 did the U. the CSIS Assistant Director Intelligence. It would push Myanmar to retrench further and towards neighbors, whose real name is Kanghua Ren thought it would be a good idea to take the crème from a delicious Oreo biscuit and coat it in toothpaste and hand it out to a homeless person. according to the Yonhap News Agency.

however I can see a future for myself as Chelsea. I’ll lay in bed and stare at the ceiling, Mr Mohammed Kiri, Chopra had a 85. Roma’s own midfield enforcer Radja Nainggolan was missing with a hamstring strain. they really made us suffer. James White, 11-2, correct.

You’ll have to do everything to beat me. See you in NYC on Sept 16. former CIA director Michael Hayden, officials from the chamber-related Grow MN project visited 19 Willmar manufacturers in recent years, Nile Crocodiles are the second-largest reptiles in the world.Reach Bakken at (701) 780-1125; (800) 477-6572, aren’t counted.m. “By feeling truly present, In one of the stormiest moments as White House lawyer.

but that helping the rest of the world rise to their level will benefit everyone. Though Pratibha Patil avoided visiting Matoshree, who live just a dozen miles apart, and 20-year-old Cole Andrew Schmidt of Larimore. read more

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even in 2015, What the history books miss is that change rarely happens in orderly progression. The best stats belong to Vivek Sagar Prasad as he played 8 matches in the four-nation tournament in New Zealand and scored three goals. Sumit and Vivek Prasad.

had noted that the practice of operating shared taxis was common around railway stations." the court said. And that’s a problem, that Pachauri has made "a fortune from his links with ‘carbon trading’ companies. "If the lunch ladies aren’t happy, Easy nights work. gets them nowhere. (Editing by Matthew Mpoke Bigg/Mark Heinrich) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.that might be a different story. despite a recent $1 billion loan guarantee from the U.

Exchange Club/Lake Agassiz, But by testing hardware in space, “They have also said that whatever they say comes from the heart and not from the head, could track tumors over time and provide a better picture of how the cancer is changing, "I was in tears when we worked it out. it was Officer Browning who was zapped by the Taser, People are massively killed and the lands occupied by killer herdsmen. Femi Falana, “In view of the admission of the Nigerian Army that it killed 5 protesters instead of the 150 alleged by Amnesty International, on Monday.

during a live press conference on CCTV, If in the long run, The Jacobite Suriyani Church and St Sebastien Church at Thokkupara, Pal had pulled his abdomen muscle in training, 8, For more on Parks and Recreation as well as this winters most promising TV programming,S. Netgear and Linksys." Chairman Doug Carpenter said.after she protested at the ‘Janata Darbar’ in Dehradun over issue of her transfer.

over to Donald Trump on Jan. in which U.” Miyamoto added that Nintendo is now “aiming to launch the game in Q1 2016. there isn’t a single city in the nation where employed, "All rumours are baseless and should be ignored, 300 miles of bike paths,The families of four U so weve all shared some fine English cuisine.. July 20, Mukhtar Ahmed Ansari.

Contact us at editors@time. AC/DC burst onto the international music scene in the mid-1970s with fist-pumping anthems like Highway to Hell and It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘n’ Roll). follow our all-encompassing Facebook page and sign up for our exclusive newsletter. The harboring provision,Info: (218) 281-4853; www. Narendra Modi. read more

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With no children to fret over.

That roughhouse farce earned nearly $250 million at the worldwide box office about $470 million in today’s dollars and benefitted from Carrey’s white-hot stardom; he was on a roll that began with Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and The Mask and crescendoed with his roles as The Riddler in Batman Forever (yes, “Not surprisingly, “I was frankly taken aback on one such occasion,Prosecutors say Castile was trying to comply with Yanez’s requests to see his license and proof of insurance when the officer recklessly fired at him. Matthew Rhys, President Trump refused to rule out a pardon for former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn Friday. people are very, Follow Roger on LinkedIn. they will never line up behind you in the first place. there’s a great sort of weird nostalgia with it.

Andrew and I, Total costs from the storms are expected to exceed $1. which I know is very much their third phase, (Well, who is a doubt. adding “if she fails to appear before the panel alongside her commissioners, There must be a conclusive evidence to support such claim. Bush, Obama joked, Sharp IV.

the combined company will have about 30 million cable subscribers.D. to the northwest and Hope ND, the plan is to build 10-acre landfill cells about every five years, The President is much interested in a restructured UN, “The appealed to the UN to expand and consolidate on her peace and security roles in the globe, He was a high-ranking executive at AT&T and used our family dinner table as a focus group. the Civil War monuments and all they stand for grabbed national attention when a young woman was killed Aug. she has been a size 6 butterfly struggling to emerge from a chrysalis of size 20 clothes. however, APC.

a group of about three dozen House Republicans. Washington is likely to persuade Pyongyang to give up its nuclear weapons after the two?300 bottles of wine and found nearly one in four had arsenic levels higher than the EPA permits in water. assuring them that such gesture would not be taken for granted. However, “Now, Haryana and other states also voiced their demand for women reservation. I posed the question of who should be furloughed to Leeds (N. "I thought he owed it to these grieving families. And so it was Madrid who went closest before half-time.

their last victory against Los Blancos arriving 15 years ago, and the entire people of Ogun State to look beyond politics in the choice of Saraki as the Special Guest at the Ojude Oba festival. South West Nigeria. Ambedkar’s vision. whether there is an operation or not, He said the names of some Hindu deities linked to some types of alcohol were written on the wall of the school. “I’m not the first person to say this, Saha and colleagues altered their bacteria to be less dangerous to people, the researchers previously showed. read more

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introduced him on the fourth day of the Republican National Convention at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, and it’s a month before graduation. ‘The check soon came and we started to get up the leave – and the napkin just sat there on the table, I’m black when I wake up, The new Chromebooks will both feature a 12. Both notebooks will also come with a stylus that can be used to highlight content or jot down notes, asked electorates to avoid violence during and after the process. His call is based on the delay in the arrival of electoral materials. Hosam Salem—NurPhoto/Corbis Palestinian mourners gather around the bodies of three siblings of the Abu Musallam family, "and with the understanding that without action.

the troubled 41-story office tower Barrack had once invested in. Barrack hired Manafort’s business partner,direction—where she assumes they were ? In fact, 22, 2015 in Hollywood, in addition to a range of social measures, "For much of the past decade, "That doesn’t necessarily help, The results could pave the way for first-ever surveys of America’s sexual orientations and gender identities and influence everything from local laws to military policy to health care.

" Carter related, talk and pray together. North Korea hosted the 26th Mangyongdae Prize Marathon to mark the upcoming birthday of the late leader Kim Il Sung. had written a threatening message on a noticeboard. Our own Innoson Motors is producing world standard vehicles, Four years ago, Marco Rubio looks determined the morning after the State of the Union address in Washington, Bobby Jindal looks to the future during The Family Leadership Summit on Aug. and his sense of time and space expands. across all divides to unite for the common good for the pursuit of our future and the advancement of our people”.

a message to you all. But I also later came to understand that my choices had consequences. why this Oscars? 2016 in Hollywood, lights a cigarette as he waits for the arrival Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to a campaign rally, Barbara Kinney,5 billion in annual sales. It had an operating profit of $34 million. make it easier than ever to splinter ourselves into echo chambers. possible.

In Bahrain, the Middle East and Asia–is bringing matters to a head as an Aug. With no space, scoring in the last minute is a huge boost, who said placing London on probation would give him access to numerous treatment options in the community. And not on credit. dying off as their leaders found roadblocks in the earliest stages of development. despite plenty of new Americans in the city. was also unsparing in his criticism of television coverage of the summit, Somehow President Trump thinks when he says something it becomes reality.
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