Ezhou property network construction experience

in the title of the Ezhou property network is my first site, www.fdcez.cn. Can you point recently whether big station station should have experienced the process I hope, but is more painful. Look at Admin5 but found more and more practical things are more and more every day, like me, had to write out a report, but also want to hide, today was a blow on the development of a website to write about feelings.

1, the question of confidence, local professional website to do more people, do less, a person is really not enough, but as long as the intention will be able to. Why can I have, I have 2 real customers, and monthly, we can see on the front page. Price is not specific, more than 500 / month, the latter will only be high, not low. Well, if it’s a small city with 5-10, I think it shouldn’t be a problem. Here’s a point. If you’re doing a real estate class like mine, you’ll have to know something about programming, and of course, the simplest thing is ASP. Why? The needs of customers and, if your customer care function is often after you win more customers weight, so we have to do this to address, we look at the http://s.fdcez.cn/loupanshow.asp? Id=74, compare this http://s. www.fdchs.cn/loupanshow.asp? Id=98, You’ll see. change much. In this regard must pay attention to, I personally feel that this is fundamental, I have several projects and often have a close interaction, so that you can guarantee the original amount of Web site article. The most important thing is to adhere to, persist in updating, adhere to the amendment, adhere to…

2, and then talk about search engine related experience.

2. 1 keyword related questions: we can search a following key words: Ezhou property, Ezhou real estate network, Ezhou real estate, Ezhou real estate network. This is why there are several relations and positioning website first, why choose this several look through the Baidu keyword selection index to consider, is the site of the new station started, must spend some time, especially this I really do not know who SEO. Then you can see my site’s Title: Ezhou property network, Ezhou people’s own real estate network! Why is it so simple to write, related to my several important keywords?. At the same time, the new station title is best not to change ordinary, so early construction also spend some time on it.

2. 2 domain name selection problem: this I do have a little regret, I do not say that some low weight CN, but I think this is the case, you can also search for Ezhou real estate in Baidu, every day I ask why I have done so much or so bad. Now that many reasons can only slowly change, but the domain name choice is a big problem, at present, I have been in preparation for the Wuhan and all over the web site, show domain name: www.hbf>

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