Highlight long soft Wen secret is a soft, nine points hard

now Adsense group accidentally reached a consensus, think all contribute to A5, Chinaz and other web site article is soft, more A5 as garbage soft Wen concentration camp. There are few people who hold this biased view. I do not deny that, only from the content, the quality of the overall A5 as before, may the audit policy is too loose, or to give more chances, anyway this is not a good trend to give some people a bad impression. Overall, A5 still has some articles can be seen, such as the old text (Paizhuan bypass, brother safety cap).

soft nature, the current marketing role is not less than SEO, we see the daily network Reds speculation is speculation up early on a large amount of text, but the webmaster in the operation of the process, that soft for the sake of the chain, in fact, we see the news portal, 30% the article is soft, but we are not aware of it, this is the high quality of soft wen. The main role of soft text does not lie in the chain, the chain is just a small field of soft marketing. And, relatively speaking, for the soft text of the chain easier to write some, really lower quality.

, for example, when we contribute to A5, Chinaz and other places, basically write is related to the content of the industry, but from the idea of speaking, not much art and skill, is writing an article, then add a link for reprint, and the link between what content is basically no contact. This model has been fixed and does not need to be perfected at all. That’s why some people think A5’s article is too soft. Unfortunately, high in the two sites the most so, I really think the mianbisiguo.

In fact, these are just the initial stage of the

soft, soft Wen wrote direct link, the starting point is to link to spread out, no other information demands, which greatly reduces the difficulty of soft, in fact, a good article, more information is needed in marketing in the article, and the clever it is expressed in the process of reading, no barriers and no psychological resistance to the content of finished reading, and subtle acceptance of advertising and marketing information transfer. Good soft text, so that readers can not feel is soft, this is called a soft, nine points hard.

is a soft, advertising appeal means only the one, or even one percent, the less the better, the most important is the demand effect rather than quantity, a very touching love stories, "accidentally" refers to a ring, or in a restaurant candlelight dinner with a pen, you will feel that this is what advertising. Probably not. But your subconscious has already accepted this time of information dissemination, and you decide when you need it later. The purpose of advertising appeals is achieved.

is currently more popular movie in advertising, is transported.