Be in control of the fate of the site for six months to experience

began to contact the site since 2006, and began to do its own website in 2007.

has never wanted to know what he wants to do on his website. What about the vanity of big traffic? Or is it for life or something else?. Never seriously thought of problems, after a series of blows the other day, I began to think.

maybe because I’m interested in doing the station (to be exact, to be a forum, especially the CSS design for plug-in writing styles in the PHP forum program. I admit that I have never learned the language of PHP and Photoshop, I rely on only a little bit of basic C language (when a novice when almost hanging on some of the CSS) and their own understanding and Baidu optimization.

In addition to the

but I think I do stand so persistent (not day and night, almost every night), and one should be responsible for the maintenance of the forum. Because what I do is the forum, not the CMS kind of station, the forum is must depend on everybody to maintain together the development, therefore management is a very big matter. But I was a poor student, can not afford to buy a good space, always forum server problems, such as a lot of problems, almost every forum I hang up miserable, look at the brothers in the group were asked how to go to the forum, I dare not only stealth answer, I don’t know the answer to what they. I don’t know what specific space to what a good time to visit the forum. Because the space is cheap, so do not expect much good service, and even then added QQ, a month later did not go on the line.

so, I have removed a few space providers, but also paid a very heavy price for this forum K was once 6000IP traffic (really much for me), began to fall to about 2000. So I put the link in front of the forum, I hope Baidu can give another chance. Earlier forum space and the problem of the JS, I really no confidence, just met the wide yuan network to Internet webmaster scheme introduced by, holding a glimmer of hope to fill in the data, then the customer service is very seriously asked me some questions also fill out a contract (since the first). We finally agreed to finance forum. By now, the forum has just moved in for about 2 days, hoping to settle down.

I’m not doing it without income. Yes, GGAD. Maybe I’m too stupid. I’ve issued 3 times, so far I haven’t received one. The first time is because I do not understand, delay the payment of reservations, the second also retained, and the three time to pick up (this time), unfortunately unfortunately, all let me hit, identity cards along with the wallet was zoned.

was lucky for a while, his wallet was drawn, and he was taken to the police station. Because in the Internet cafes outside the morning sleeping, memory machine was stolen, the cafe owner (* fuck up) gave me a slap in the face.