From the sensational Li Shanyou about what the Chinese stationmaster lacks most

if you want to select the best sensational Award for the webmaster conference, I think it must be Sohu, former deputy editor in chief, Ku6 net CEO, Mr. Li Shanyou. At the prize giving Party, he gave the most noble and great praise to the word "stationmaster". Even I do not belong to the owners who also want to immediately join the family of a webmaster.

in the late night snack supper, I asked Google Chinese strategy officer, assistant president Guo: "Mr. Li said that he is most respected people is the webmaster, most people who want to ask is also the webmaster, how do you see?"". He immediately gave me a definite answer: "it’s just a show.". The stationmaster who did not attend the meeting was 100 times better than the owners, and the failure was one hundred times more successful. So far, no webmaster has made a company worth more than $1 billion. "

and the same, meeting in the discussion on the difference between the personal websites and commercial websites, Mr. Fu Dekun’s analysis is very accurate, directly pointed out that the weakness of personal website: personal station know where the user know where customers, commercial station.

I think this is one of the most valuable comments I’ve heard from the whole meeting. In a pair of personal sites, individual webmaster touted one of the voices, such words more thought-provoking.

as an internet marketer, I am more concerned about the conversion rate. Although there are a lot of personal Adsense earned some money. However, such money and its huge flow comparison, far from reflecting the value. For example, the hooligan station, light flow statistics, a statistics of 8 hundred million of the PV. But what about the revenue from the site,


on the contrary, I heard a friend say, a pharmaceutical company site, traffic is not big, the annual sales have reached hundreds of millions of. If the flow rate, the individual station can put the general enterprise, site, and even commercial portal, far behind. But compared to the overall socio-economic contribution and business impact. A small business station may have more influence than some of the larger ones.

same characteristics are also reflected in the promotion of the site, personal Adsense is very good at obtaining traffic, the total amount of traffic. And commercial sites, compared to traffic, more pursuit of traffic quality and high relevance. Their site traffic, into the customer’s proportion, hundreds of personal site hundreds of times.

so, I want to say, man the most is the lack of business thinking, lack of transformation on the flow of commercial value! Because of this, the personal webmaster of the main money or sell their flow, rely on advertising alliance, food chain in the bottom layer of