How does the stationmaster position himself Character determines our way out

Hello, I’m Beijing Midea air conditioning maintenance. I’ve been thinking about this question for a long time: how can I position myself, make a plan for my future, and find a better and faster way to develop my own SEO?. I believe this problem is not just a person thinking, many people want to do in the webmaster industry, who will do something cause to think.

recently, there has been such an idea in my mind: how to position yourself, to explore their way forward, and more often, our personality determines how far we can go. You think, if you want a stable life, then you will just want peaceful to keep a good salary, work every day from nine to five; if you are an ambitious, passionate, want to fight for life, you will certainly want to rely on their own day and night of struggle, through unremitting efforts, and ultimately create their own piece of the sky. Each of us is different in character, as to how to think, how to do, character will help us to make a decision, make a choice. I will always think so: what kind of character do what kind of things, ambition achievement what kind of career, and is part of an ambitious character, so the success lies in a person’s character. Indeed, character determines fate, tolerance determines the pattern.

I have a very good friend, we often drink together to drink, play what card, he is also doing SEO, but soon joined the line, he is relatively easy-going character, good kind, is a typical man, but this man has a big disadvantage is that very confident, do anything is not thinking about how to do it, but think they are likely to do well. This period of time, I do not see how he was satisfied, I would like to help him, and then put himself a key word search page less than one million of the site to him to do, but also want to let him earn some money. But his heart did not grasp, I have what good method can do website home page, so don’t take this live, I was Speechless, then feeling character really is a decision we career. Later, I thought it would be impossible, or let him do it, but I do it with him, mainly in order to exercise him, so that he will gradually confident.

people vary in character, good character is absolutely able to make a difference, and vulgar, a good character of people will make money. Since character determines fate, then we must pay attention to the shaping of our character, don’t let yourself lose in character, don’t let yourself stop because of your personality. Character is made up of many factors, and it is also influenced by many factors. The four most important things are the environment, habits, knowledge, and desire. Therefore, we should from these four aspects to shape themselves, do not let their webmaster road aborted, in the way of success.

1, looking for the best environment

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