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we all know, the title (page title) length should be concise hydroxylamine, English Title Control in 40-60 letters, and Chinese can appropriate length, search engine is not exceed a certain limit. Therefore the title title within the limits of their standard, web page title and space is very precious. Therefore, unless special needs, we do not recommend the company’s name was placed in such a land " " place! Some people say that the company’s brand is very important, so let the search engines know. So we want to * * * company name on the title page, actually. This is not necessary. The engine doesn’t care about this, they are concerned about what is Zhang Wangye, many people used to name the company added in each page title. More

is wrong!

also has a lot of people will join in the " home page; " Web page title, this is actually not necessary. The reason is very simple – most visitors don’t particularly look at the title. The search engine doesn’t think " page " in this two word is that this is the website home page. The two own space can accommodate a keyword, why put


web page space is very short. So the use of the word is very limited. Since the keywords must be used. But if they will not pass is the keyword string together soft text, the title is quite difficult sentences. Write out the title may not attract people, even the site immediately


example: a slimming tea "title as: " weight loss slimming tea, slimming tea.. use, diet, weight loss tea. So, with Swiss " search engines know this page is about slimming tea, but browsing% especially in the search engine results found that visitors are slimming tea to this title interest. If we change the " slimming tea to the young people who have lost weight with weight loss, slimming tea, use " is a Lang Lang catchy title. It can be predicted that the site click rate must be more than ideal. Of course, not every SEO staff will this operation, each site should do so, SEO personnel means not the same. So means will be different, my method, personal opinion, for reference only!

today is the first to write so much, Page Title Construction Company name, and " page " such words to take up valuable space, the search engine is very important. What is it and use it to determine the content of a web page


Original: ice Maple Deputy Station

starting: world know marketing network


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