Enterprise station half a month was included in the Baidu share

since www.lianda188.com was included in the Baidu after a long time did not come to webmaster net hair article, mainly time busy, in fact, long ago want to share with you, now share this process,

used to read a lot of articles did a lot of Baidu included in the station, this year seems to have included become not so easy, especially Baidu, many webmaster said it would be two or three months Baidu will be included, there are also individual stationmaster can be two or three days, but when I do very seriously to do no matter whether or not included, for example, to Baidu Post Bar posts, and to register a blog, but also made some useful external links, anyway not included in period have been doing, not for.

In fact,

not included before two days in stationmaster net sent Baidu why not been included in the article, but no master to answer, so still stick to their beliefs to do, not included before actually every day is to go to the Baidu SITE, in April 9th when Baidu SITE found a collection of 280, now you open look you will find, is already more than 1000, http://s.baidu.com/s? Ie=gb2312& bs=%C4%E1%C1%FA%B4%F8& sr=& z=& cl=3& f=8& wd=site%3Alianda188.com& ct=0; this is just a business station, often do station that can be collected so much is not easy to do, now the main keywords of this station is fifth pages in Baidu, GOOGLE also in second pages. Of course written is not to show off what I just told you, especially the new owners, must adhere to, no matter what others say, do some Will be included. By the way, there’s no title.

in the process

has made several


, http://s.baidu.com/s, ie=gb2312& bs=site%3Alianda188.com& sr=& z=& cl=3&; f=8& wd=site%3Azhidainet.cn& ct=0;

, http://s.baidu.com/s, ct=0& ie=gb2312& bs=site%3Azhidainet.cn& sr=&; z=& cl=3& f=8& wd=site%3Aszyaodai.cn

, http://s.baidu.com/s, ct=0& ie=gb2312& bs=site%3>

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