By keyword, 6.11 Baidu update (1)

today is a memorable day, my site after ten days of hard work and wait, finally in the June 11th update, update date is June 6th, but I have been very happy, at least it can be said to have a certain effect, below I will talk about the site management experience, I hope everyone can give some tips and help.

First we

site is a new sites, recruitment websites, in the recruitment industry, the website keyword selection is very important, what is the key? Said simple keyword is user input using a search engine, can maximize the information content of general users to find the word or phrase, is summarized and centralized information. But talent network keywords have certain limitations, it is regional relations, such as our website, Zhengzhou talent network 1+1, the keyword can only be Henan talent network, 1+1 talent network, Zhengzhou talent network and so on, in the search engine optimization about SEO industry keywords, and often refers to the main content of the website core. For a search engine, your web page is mostly about what you’re talking about, and that aspect boils down to a keyword (more often than not). In order to better your web page has a good ranking, but also need to understand these concepts: keyword density and keyword stack. In some search engines, you often write the word "enter keywords", which means you are prompted to enter the keywords you want to search for.

talk about so much, to illustrate the keyword, in search engine applications to grasp certain skills,

1, accurate expression, Baidu will strictly in accordance with the query you submitted to search, therefore, query word expression accuracy is the necessary prerequisite for good search results.

two selects query words based on Web page features. Many types of web pages have some similar features.

three, query topics related and concise, the current search engine can not deal with natural language well. Therefore, when submitting a search request, you’d better refine your ideas into simple queries that relate to the content of the information you want to find.

observed through these days, I also summed up the web site keywords do not fall in the Baidu rankings should grasp the skills:

one, make good use of space, stability overrides everything.

Check your

server in the near future if there were not normal visit phenomenon? The server cannot normally access is lead to a drop in one of the most common factors, therefore, you don’t have to make any changes to the website, to manage your server, to ensure the normal access, especially in the crucial time.

two, don’t optimize for optimization. Conversion key.

internal modification can cause potential errors, including excessive optimization of a keyword, such as modifying title, meta and other tags, >

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