Hear about the assassin PR lecture

in April 24th jointly organized by the "stationmaster" magazine and the Anhui Internet Alliance in twentieth period of lecture, the speaker called assassin, whose real name is Zhang Kai, this is the theme of "talk talk on how to improve the PR experience, the specific contents of my speech in http://s. www.lixun.net/web_tuijian_list.asp? Id=108 in time, we can take a look. Now I want to share my speech from this point to learn from the assassin and the experience of everyone.

1., do everything and see why you do it,

aside from the assassin had much success, he talked about raising the PR value, you can see that he has deep research, I also like doing optimization, but since that optimization has done a good job, I also know some of the things he mentioned, but in fact I really do not know how insight Google for the PR value orientation, principle, and algorithm, I often do some even do optimization is not clear, for example, on a website to see some articles about the experiences of improving the PR article, I look at the article, from the people that they want to how to add keywords, how to make the site quickly to be included, how to improve the rankings, only this. After listening to the assassin’s lecture, I know that I know is only superficial, do not understand why you want to do, did not understand the principle, so it can not grasp the whereabouts of all Google PR, that I sometimes proud in the website ranking in the forefront of the joy, suddenly one morning to open the Google check, the site does not know where is the row. And although he was 24 days on the content is not much, but the same as the finishing touch awoke me: do anything to understand why you do this


2., intensive research,

this is a little similar to the first point, but I’ll list it to remind myself. The assassins know so much, he can imagine weekdays spent how much time and effort to study PR, if not, then he may not like talking like talking about the PR, those words can say are true, simple, it is the most useful way.

3. small sites can use traffic and advertising in exchange for some links to big websites

can use small site traffic and advertising for some big website link "Assassin said, which I suddenly realized, no wonder I find the link can not find, no PR, I don’t want to exchange with others, PR high, people do not want to say with me, even how many words, people are not willing to, the reason maybe many webmaster like me have experienced. From the assassin, I learned, do not fear the loss, in not yet fully alive, we should learn to take the initiative to benefit others, only when it can bring benefits to others, they can gain.

4. look for connections, focus resources,

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