Exchanging links is an investment


exchange links is one of the most important work of SEO, the value of friendship links is also higher than all the chain, a good friendship link is a good investment. Why is a friendship link also an investment? Because of the importance of friendship links, people have to pay attention to its existence. Exchange Links to account for SEO work every day ten percent of the time, if the change is not good, there will be dragged down by the website, if can change to a good Links, so it can not only increase the website included, site keywords ranking, can also increase the rate of crawl on the Baidu website, it can be said a lot of good. But nowadays most people don’t pay much attention to friendship links. Actually, this is a big deal.

BBS ten days of advertising, the chain is better than a good friend chain valuable. Forum signature weight is now increasingly low, basically ignored by the new Baidu webmaster tools, it is not difficult to find, there is no data inside your signature links included, this also shows that Baidu’s own signature is the link to the weight of very low. In the past when the signature link weight is still high, a large number of signature links can really enhance the ranking of keywords, but now, the signature link is no longer available. Signature outside the chain is SEO more like one of the ways of the chain, since it has no longer, so, exchange friends chain should pay attention to it,


to do the chain of means less and less. Since Baidu has been adjusting algorithm, the chain means less, can also be used through the purchase of the chain to increase the weight of the website, but after Baidu Adsense changed, can not buy the chain to get keywords ranking ascension, there may even be K station, under such the dilemma, webmaster should pay attention to the value of exchange chain.

many webmaster friends in exchange of the chain, love to play in mind, that many novice webmaster do not know of these techniques in Links add nofflow tags, JS jump code, of course, some stationmaster do not know the code, but most of the webmaster or know these, so play this mind is not necessary the.

there is a webmaster, is relatively straightforward, online lazy owners too much, do not love to check Links, others secretly changed his Links, he was unconscious, so most of the webmaster love secretly pulled another link, but I want to remind you again here, this way, will not although a few days, but once the other side will link your tear down, then a good friend chain so lost.

link is a long-term investment, the need for long-term strategic vision. Many webmaster in exchange friends chain when only look at the PR value, feel that the PR value of high web site is certainly good, in fact, the PR value just as one of the reference conditions, and the PR value is also can cheat. There is every time the PR value update >!

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