Doing website persistence is the last word

I’ve been a personal webmaster for more than 8 years. Do the first stop, is a static station, with NetEase’s free two level domain name, space is free, but specifically where the space can not remember. At that time, you can not do a lot of Web site, space and domain name thieves expensive, so the webmaster is basically free space and free two domain name to do the station. Most websites, especially small websites, are static HTML pages. They are not the static pages that are directly generated after the background is added. They are uploaded locally and uploaded to the original page via FTP. The first site I do is a securities website, because I am more interested in stocks, recommended stocks, but also more accurate, the shares of authorized users. Later, fees were recommended to stock, and the result was a sudden income of more than 10 thousand yuan. At that time also did not do what website promotion, more do not understand what SEO, just and related websites do a link, every day there are thousands of traffic. 1 years later, I bought an independent domain name and space, and later revised the website, made it can be updated through the background of the dynamic web site, when the use of power systems (mobile predecessor). The website also makes small reputation, should be regarded as negotiable securities kind individual website 10 before. Later on the website to sell securities books, 5.5-6.5 purchase price, 25% off sales, sold a wholesale market to take a, no pressure of money is not Yahuo, but I only play money to the bank after the customer delivery, down only this one month income is about 800-1000. Ha ha, there was no Dangdang Taobao at that time. Later, because of the busy work, I gave the net to my relatives. After one year, the relative was out of control because of the poor health. The website was deserted.

second station was made in 2004, is a university student website, is now the North Sichuan Medical College forum. This website do most of the time, 2 years, IP 8000-10000 every day, should be to do better, the monthly advertising a month can earn more than 1000, then add GOOGLE ads, good income. For a variety of reasons, it has not been able to do so.

after doing the local property station, also good, not long, every day on hundreds of IP, but also do a few months, no longer tube.

in 2008, I reviewed the Internet again. I stand side by side "securities" site has now grown, the day IP are around 100 thousand. I do university students website, local also has a webmaster to follow the trend, but has been my station repression, whether it is search engine rankings or flow, not as good as I. However, he has been doing it, and now he’s developing well, doing well, and working with him. Now it seems, do website, I was up early, but empty handed and return, the most fundamental reason is not adhere to, and give up halfway. Penny made a point, but because there is no perseverance, I lost the opportunity to grow and develop. In the second half of 2008, I made a website of knowledge (http://s.www>

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