Grassroots webmaster, please don’t use the website as your shake Qian Shu

the Internet industry is open to everyone, but also fair, especially the Internet website of this rich resources opened a great door to grassroots webmaster, because of this, many industry insiders or network enthusiasts or have impacted the webmaster of this industry, I also not listed, a the excitement has entered into the station in this industry, I was not really a webmaster, because their professional does not belong to the Internet, but interested in the network, a chance to enter the station of the circle.

into the webmaster after this circle, in what all don’t understand the circumstances, I started the webmaster career, for what all don’t understand, I don’t know, how many detours, also don’t know how much to eat. But eventually still boil to today, three years so quickly passed, and did some web site, but for me, not only did not harvest, but feel more lost. In recent years, saw a lot of successful stationmaster, also tasted the taste of failure, although I did not get the fruits of success in this industry, but I hear the webmaster voice here, met a lot of friends, understand the difficult and painful Internet business.

in the past few years, I realized that the industry changes to an outsider is how cruel, because the Internet industry into the threshold low, so lead to a lot of people that I have joined the owners of this world, people enter the Internet industry in the early years are believed to be a little in the early harvest, but not on hormone technology and a person that is exposed to the final success of interest, or industry veteran and capitalists. Because we do not have the technology, experience, not only to do the capital, abruptly failed to choose.


site was originally a hobby, but with the passage of time and contact with many things, like the web site into a roll of Qian Shu, but the truth is not as simple as imagined, now in retrospect it is too naive. Now I finally understand a truth, the sky will not fall, people will not be selfless devote them to you, either do it, other things worth mentioning, not to rely on others, as the saying goes, "we also have to rely on hard".

can’t start grassroots webmaster hastily website when shaking Qian Shu, but not as your occupation, want to be successful in the Internet space, you must have rich knowledge of the industry, or are you a self-taught genius, or even gold and silver jewelry can only hope it! As a webmaster, web site can be a is your hobby, also can use it as a part-time to do their own, if you start the day not work when you are full-time, it will make you lose more, even if you work hard, will not get ideal returns. As a grassroots webmaster, we must have a more stable job (rich 2 generations will not say), as long as our basic necessities of life has been guaranteed, leisure time to run you

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