From selling cards to running websites, he does nothing but zero cost business

white shirts, casual pants, sneakers, Shoulder Messenger backpack, "80" CEO Zhao Zilong, the first impression is still a student. However, chat with him, his sparkling eyes flashing out of confidence and maturity, the number of years older than he really let reporters convinced.

"Grandpa is a traditional intellectual, and his father is a small business."." Zhao Zilong saw the reporter come straight to the point: "I have a dual personality and scholar businessmen".

The next

is not difficult to understand why the science of civil engineering fellow, turned into the Department of philosophy graduate? Even more amazing is that small business minded him from selling greeting cards, radio, computer, mobile phone, even now do e-commerce site, every time is zero the cost of business, recently also attracted millions of venture capital.

the master what is the secret of wealth


online shopping seed seed

Zhao Zilong also in his hometown in Gansu junior high school, every summer vacation, he followed his father’s tractor fleet to do business. He liked reading newspapers at that time. In the newspaper, he read about the multimedia computer and Alibaba Jack ma.

"first day, I want my father to buy a computer for me. I want to know what the Alibaba website looks like.". Where do I know my father doesn’t know anything about computers? Buy me a learning machine. Later, my father realized that computers were several times more expensive than learning machines." By the third day, father finally decided to buy a computer for Zhao Zilong.

in the summer of that year, Zhao Zilong learned through computer shopping, bold and love in the early adopters of him, almost no one knows what’s the computer is in rural Gansu, through the website of the first B2C Chinese orders, online shopping a CD-ROM.

"at that time there is no such convenient logistics, the next also to the post office remittance, ten days later, the other party just confirmed receipt, delivery.". When they got the goods, they found that the package was marked with gifts, but the gift was missing." Although the first online shopping, leaving Zhao some unhappy. But the online shopping, but for Zhao Zilong’s entrepreneurial seed.

7 years later, the seed took root and Zhao Zilong started the B2C e-commerce site.

just do zero cost business,

after college, business sense sensitive Zhao Zilong, think of what to make money on what to sell. But he never pays a penny to his family.

"I sold cards in the first semester of college."." At the end of 2003, Zhao Zilong on the school website to see a message, the school issued cards welcome students agent. Zhao Zilong eyes a bright, hurriedly ran to school, opening to 2000 sets.

teacher dumbfounded: "the school issued a total of not so much, give you 50 sets at the most."."

"in my plea, the most!"

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