Grassroots webmaster need to learn to integrate resources, efficient operation of the site

Internet is a borderless, equal Kingdom, people enjoy to show their style as well as the kingdom of sharing a valuable resource, resource as a webmaster, how can we effectively integrate his style for


domestic Internet environment for a period of time, many owners have to transfer to foreign space, now even domain names are purchased in a foreign domain, as we all know, the server in a foreign country, impact on the search engine is relatively large, at least in the domestic Baidu alone big, Baidu gives weight to the region relatively large, followed by the use of foreign domain name and space, but also has great influence on the domestic access speed, especially the download and online play, speed is discounted. In order to avoid unnecessary harmony, now choose to use foreign space and domain name is wise, but how to avoid weaknesses in the establishment of the process? The answer is the integration of resources, make full use of the various advantages, efficient operation of the site.

said that the integration of resources, many webmaster may think, this is some of the rich resources of the large web site to do, for some grassroots webmaster, no resource integration at all. In fact, such an idea, do not say right or wrong, at least not positive.

integration of resources, the first step: the accumulation of effective resources

as a webmaster, before doing so, there must be a location on your own website, in this position, if you want to succeed faster (achieve their goals) what resources are needed? Such as the establishment of the website to help you need to accumulate, the technical aspects of the art of friends, friends. Web site early online, the peer friends, find like-minded people together, to help you promote, advise the process of accumulating a lot, can be added to the group of BBS, chat, or blog and so on, in this way the social network environment is better than the problem.

fully tap resources,

for the available resources needed to do some classification and selection of effective resources to achieve intensive thinning, sum up experience, dig out the effective ways and methods to maintain the accumulation of resources, it is worth noting that, not instant success, use and cooperation in the times spoke with gas poor webmaster need basic ability to analyze demand. At the same time we meet each other’s needs, this is a permanent solution, a friend, is a very good student webmaster (English), the first is to do an English forum, the main is to provide a variety of English learning resources, the development of a period of time after the accumulation of certain users, found the studio classroom very welcome, there are plans to focus on the transformation, in this respect, it gathers a number of popular English English love Well, finally, as an official authorization forum for the sky English classroom, the resource advantage is more obvious.

maximize the use of resources

this is the most important step in integrating resources

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