How to do a good job in commodity marketing empathy

many shopkeepers feel bad sales of goods, after all, now the competition has been very intense industry. However, if the owner can stand in the customer’s point of view, empathy may be able to make a better business. So, if you want a hot business, might as well to think about operating. However, it is true that there are a lot of owners want to do empathy work, but do not know how to carry out. So, how to do a good job in the work of transposition thinking?

a, the customer as a friend. When faced with a friend, you may want him to get the best interest in buying, not just goods sold, naturally combined with his actual needs to introduce goods, and pick out to his friends will accept such factors more easily.

two, seize the focus of publicity. To seize the key promotional items, that is as far as possible the use of a small amount of time, according to customer demand to quickly introduce goods selling to them, rather than praise their goods chatter without stop, it will make the customer feel bored.

three, occupy the active position. In the sales process, take the initiative, the performance of self-confidence is the basis for our successful promotion. Do not be trapped by the customer’s thinking, to be good at guiding and grasping the customer, through professional knowledge to attract customer attention.

four, seeking truth from facts. In the face of customer questions on goods and services, and not to confess, in order to be able to achieve promotion purposes, to exaggerate commodity utility, or not to face their own mistakes in the work, to avoid problems will result in the loss of credit.

five, resolve customer queries in a timely manner. The face of every customer questions should be resolved immediately, if not resolved to timely advice to others, do not let the user feel you don’t care for him and his problems, so if you would lose the customer, lose the trust, ever more efforts are wasted.

in fact, the sale of any goods are in fact the same way, in the current commercial market if you want to sell goods better, might as well. In short, every time the promotion is not only the introduction of goods, but also the process of empathy, standing on the customer’s point of view to study the problem, the owners will gain more.

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