Analysis of the B2B industry needs to find breakthroughs and imagination

from the Internet to the development trend of B2B industry development has been thorough, whether the Alibaba or other B2B sites have been developed with, now the Internet is different from before, almost all business operations to B2B industry. In recent years, various types of B2B sites in the constant rise, from the building materials industry to the machinery industry, these industries are in e-commerce transactions, let enterprises through various Internet business platform and complete business transactions, and these have been completely cannot do without the B2B industry.

B2B industry in the continuous development, the current B2B industry website flood in, between the B2B website and website operators always feel the lack of what some of the objects, perhaps is the operation and maintenance of the imagination, then perhaps it is the breakthrough point of the lack of maintenance. However, in 60s and 70s, because of the limited environment, the acceptance of new things was limited, which led to the lack of attention to the so-called B2B networks. And the 80 generation, their environment is the network, they are familiar with the network and acceptance will be higher. And now the downturn in the B2B industry, it is in the 80 generation began to take over all these circumstances, is a development opportunity. Let more traffic change into money. The author is responsible for the business of B2B cat trade industry website, also has several years of experience in the operation and maintenance of this kind of website, but now B2B industry website to the white hot stage, the total feeling website operation B2B type is the lack of certain objects, the lead author of the unable to continue operation B2B website, and this year I was also thinking about them the lack of the object, so I have some new views on the future of B2B website maintenance, so today to talk about the author’s ideas.

one, operation and maintenance B2B website should have stability, exclusiveness and uniqueness,

first, stability, exclusiveness and uniqueness of operation and maintenance for the B2B industry website, the three point is the very core of identity, from several years of development of B2B industry is just from the current Internet language, this is the slow development of a depth of services, of course, many webmaster operation B2B they love the wholesale products, the author thinks that the B2B site to the product to a certain degree, the most important is the need to completely abandon traditional concepts to carry out maintenance. Therefore, for the webmaster, we must be stable, exclusive and unique.

and B2B, operation and maintenance of website owners to understand the operation of space here forever, the China B2B service is a very preliminary state, is also the information degree, characteristics of industrial clusters and foreign trade situation and other factors result in a B2B is the amount of the transaction is actually all Internet business in There is nothing comparable to this. For example, the author now operation and maintenance of the B2B site, the stability, exclusivity, uniqueness are done very well.

two, operation and maintenance B2B site, its products should be targeted, relevance,

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