As long as there is vision, no site to do Taobao, customers still earn thousands of months

Taobao customers want to make money in the Ali Mama, generally must have a website, blog, forum, etc. can be used to help you promote the resources, but there is a method, there may be some people do not know, or do not believe to try. My website, Ali, mom, advertising, often by such a group of people to buy, this group of people is neither Taobao dispensers, nor websites, blogs, those things, but not the kind of no matter where the goods are linked. This group of people is working on their own unique vision for the Taobao quality goods, while looking for high-quality advertising, then buy advertising to promote Taobao shopkeeper goods, by taking the Commission to make money with advertising a price difference.

seems to think it’s not very feasible, and I’m beginning to feel a little hesitant and wondering if it’s a little too risky, but those people do make money. A guest webmaster I know, was to open his own website do guest, and the site is also doing well, now I choose to buy advertising, chat with me said his income is not too much, the average income of more than 1000 a month, of course, occasionally because of mistakes and loss of vision, but in general it is earned, said this, the key is to identify the goods with the Taobao advertising, advertising users need analysis and Taobao manager whether the goods comply with the site to improve the conversion rate of population. Generally speaking, as long as the profit earned a bit of advertising, three or four times the price is no problem, if not determined not to clinch a deal, it is only when the eyes failed. His eyes are now passing, and 65% of the goods, advertising options are earned.

talk to the advertising options, he said the concrete situation and generally feel good will take a week to see the effect, said that the last time buy my website the advertising effect is good, there is a transaction, a small profit, so this buy again.

, and in the choice of Taobao’s shopkeeper, he says, "not for the cheapest, but for the most stable," and usually watches a commodity for weeks. This refers to the treasurer of the Taobao online rate, Amoy link stability, the stability of the Commission and so on, once is to determine the long-term cooperation.


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