A few thoughts about Baidu’s 14 days’ collection

my station is a computer security station (www.pcsafe120.com.cn), not what personal experience, also do not know much about SEO, only a little experience I was included in Baidu talk here for your advice.

1. Choose a better site procedures, I used the wind, personal feel very good.

2. Multi update, multi acquisition, but processing.

3. More in Baidu space, paste it, know the post. Remember to add your link, but remember not to post it maliciously.

4. Links to websites that exchange links are available.

I have these experiences, perhaps these are on the Internet, but I only have a purpose, that is, to the new webmaster a confidence. At the same time to welcome the majority of users, the station around, and some suggestions. I QQ:936072063

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