Do electricity supplier essential dry Taobao search full analysis

Author: Chen Yan

on Taobao search, spread a lot of "experience sharing", many of which are short-sighted black hat misleading, a lot of good sellers, so astray, difficult to extricate themselves. Next, we will uncover the veil of 2013 Taobao search for you, help you to search the steady development of the operation.


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1. What is Taobao search


two, the composition of the search results page

1. Taobao main search results page

2. Tmall search results page

three, Taobao search model interpretation

1. category model: the only classification and attribute of commodity release;

2. anti cheat model: anti cheating team based on the analysis of merchant cheating data, the implementation of different levels of penalties for businesses

3. text model: mainly refers to the reasonable inclusion in the product title and user search hot keywords.

4. time model: according to the goods up and down time, for the next shelf goods priority recommendation.

5. seller model: statistical evaluation of business activity and comprehensive quality.

6. service model: statistical analysis of the quality of service provided by a business to consumers.

7. popularity model: statistical evaluation of consumer recognition of products.

8. personalized model: statistical analysis of consumer shopping preferences, including, but not limited to: the optimal transaction price range, brand preferences, property preferences, etc..

9. business rules: merchant participation in the provision of featured services

four, business alert

five, sales included in the search instructions

what is Taobao search?


everyone is talking about Taobao search, but not everyone knows the difference between "Taobao search" and "full web search (Baidu, Google, etc.)".

Taobao search is not search the entire network like crawling across the Internet data, data analysis, data classification, Taobao search data depends on the "seller" sorting and precise release, in other words, "seller" product release is Taobao search process of the establishment of commodity index.

has the commodity according to the category, according to the attribute release, has the commodity index foundation, the algorithm engine can according to the commodity key word, provides the accurate search result for the buyer.

The composition of the

search results page

1. Taobao main search results page

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