Talking about depressing website filing

himself is a small webmaster, very small kind of, from January 06 began doing web site. By the end of 05, I saw an article on the website making money in a computer magazine with a classmate in the dormitory. It was about how to make money with Google adsense.

freshman, learning web production, using FrontPage, will point special effects, such as text floating over, and so on, and now looks very bad. It’s a static page, but at that time I thought it was written better than the others. See this Wangzhuan article, then interest way, just do it. I quickly went to the library to borrow some books, but it was still a static page. I made a website about tea during the vacation. Looking for free space everywhere, using a free two level domain name. Later, know what is dynamic web pages, learning the ASP, bought the space, will change all static into a static. I found the authority of a domain name, so I bought it.

, however, there is the filing problem. At that time, I had learned how to get a forum, found a free version of the mobile network, and made a community with my website. It is not for the record, then she went to the Ministry of information industry (now the Ministry) on the website for the record. The first one was smooth and I didn’t submit the electronic bulletin board service. It was successfully passed a week later. But two weeks later, I found a better domain name, so the record had to be done again. But this time it is not so smooth, but it is also a station. This time it has been called electronic bulletin service, and it must go through the pre examination and approval procedures.

After consulting the process,

began to prepare, write materials and query relevant information. The filing was really long. Repeatedly submitted, have been hit back, or the main site may not bring news words, or the number of moderators is not enough, or may not open with the teaching of the section…… All sorts of reasons, I’ll go instead. The second submission in August, 06, has dragged on for 07 years in January. At that time, I have to go through the record, or to shut down, or I can first shut down the forum, first "temporary" through…… At the time of the final examination, I had to take a compromise plan, which was closed for the time being.


, make full use of vacation time, look for a person to do moderators everywhere, want the copy of identity card of others…… Go to school, submit in 07 years in March. It was a long time, but it was a smooth pass, and got the cert file. By the end of June, told me that can get the material. Run to the communications authority, and tell me that the process is over here, and ask me to bring some of the materials they provide to the public security department for the record, so go ahead.

birthday is nothing, just ran the public security department, one-way ride two hours of public transportation, no money to play rental, that expensive…… Others this is called efficiency, go in and seat, but also pouring water, let me wait. Half an hour, a little, everything is done. Leave, this is called efficiency.

, this station is finally over. Later on >

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