Some of my summary to the end of the struggle in the webmaster

the end of the year, up to the webmaster.

stationmaster is very busy, stationmaster is very busy really, the job is endless process to stationmaster. Believe that the webmaster have their own personal experience, always feel that time flies quickly from side to side, because a busy up, will forget the time.

webmaster work every day, usually have their own rules, do more become habits, habits become natural. After talking with many webmaster friends, summed up the next day, the webmaster do the general work, colleagues to everyone nagging.

1, turn on the computer, the first thing is to check their site, such as the guest network. See that customer network Baidu snapshot is updated, search engine included increase or decrease, if there is a bad situation Links site, see ALEXA in the rankings or back, the important point is to see how the keywords ranking. For example, refers to the guest network: every day will check "SMS writer", "funny text messages", "Love SMS", "birthday greeting SMS", "blessing SMS", "humorous jokes, SMS", "SMS" these words. A sunny day is a rainy day, the site also has wind rain sunshine, webmasters are accustomed to deep in the heart, occasionally with the webmaster exchange pour out a few words, not the owners do not want to express, but the webmaster to say these words is too much to say.

2, website statistics is an indispensable tool for webmasters, needed to be, sometimes I really have to thank the staff of the development of these programs, although they are expecting to profit idea, but it does give the webmaster tools bring real convenience. For example, check the flow, access details, keywords, antecedents and so on.

3, the above two points, many webmaster may have recorded habits, good memory is worse than rotten pen, every day record site situation, for web data analysis is good.

4, on the day after the site has an understanding, update site content is also a site of the work of heavy. Although some sites may have a special web site editor, but now generally are some small sites, site maintenance and update tasks or on the webmaster. Content originality is certainly good, original need questions, to write, may also be collected, organize, release, and this down and time.

5, do webmaster needed not just blindly work, afterwards also must be done more in the understanding of the industry, the track analysis on hot news. Because the webmaster must be in a short time to know the industry dynamics, such as some time ago "record door", "K station door"". Hot current events, not to mention, understand that some aspects of the information may bring good traffic to the site, of course, these need to have enough information to grasp the ability to grasp.

6, the webmaster do website promotion is based on the line, the network is the advantage of the webmaster. Promotion is a time consuming thing for the webmaster, especially the time spent, so that the webmaster always feel >!

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