Something about advertising on the website

site for almost a month, and IP has not been much, and he just built the site, put the ads up, and now found that hanging advertising is not so, what are the main manifestations of it?

one, to create an aversion to

I was the movie station 51 what said? Originally movie station to profit is to rely on traffic flow is to point to our advertisement, but our advertisement? From the first day to hang now no one. It’s a small matter. You can always count on someone. But the hell is, some netizens on the Internet message said, your website pop too much, the movie can’t see, next time never come. This has lost customers.

two, no traffic to hang advertising is equal to chronic suicide

we all know to do flow up to put up some advertising, but was too impatient, a it linked to the Internet, they think up after the website is very full, very beautiful, but now, more and more sad, traffic is not up, even the Baidu search engine Google to flow more and more less.

three, hanging advertising blind

why advertising can hang, in fact, the pop did not go to the entertainment station above IP2000, do not beat it. Why? Because you are not enough, my movie site IP on more than 1000 days to hang up, and the results almost did not drag their websites to death. Then I hurried to give it away.

four, are we advertising for money or for sustainable development,


we have to figure out the problem, but after asking, it is contradictory, because you can make money to sustainable development ah, no money, you what development, but I want to say is. Making money is understandable, but you have to think about the future of your site. I can’t say I can’t go on selling it. That’s not OK. So you don’t have a yellow website,


all of the above is my personal idea, with the reality of the situation, but for others, please don’t mind.

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