Talking about the process of cats from being abandoned to being admitted

‘s first contact with cat Park games ( is on the A5 trading page.

‘s information about the sale of cat theft was released in July 16th, when I saw the sale of the information, ten days later. During the ten days, however, it was like an abandoned child. I see is not hard at that time, only the habit of a query about the station of each search engine included, snapshots, Links status: GG included normal, but from the original PR3 dropped to PR2 is not optimistic; especially Baidu: bad! Only included the first snapshot, or June 30th the old, more than a month! What is this concept? Most website hope is "Baidu" if your site in Baidu search engine disappeared or long time was not included there is no hope (each stationmaster is this article said, no wonder) issued for sale for ten days. Even people who are not on price. Links are equally outrageous, 11 links have 6 home pages, no link to this station. He is selling the chain? Or give up do not care for a long time! My heart with suspicions dialed quote on the left of the original (see contact the webmaster company in the implementation of the system under the cut, he had to work harder. Come home from work to help take care of the baby, no longer idle cat care Park, games for up to nearly two months. The situation worse every day, consciously powerless, nor love wishes to see he had devoted a lot of effort to build the website that hard to sink in the unknown to the public! So A5 released for sale can be sold at a price, what he did not care, just want to sell to people who want to see me so sincerely) inquire the site admin password to me, is real it is true at the same time let me further understanding of the site.

is indeed some days not updated, familiar with his background, and start browsing the web, the first feeling is very good template style, background color and soft not dazzle, home station structure is divided into top, left and right sides of three regions, such as simple and not monotonous.

top start, needless to say, must be logo, a website logo, beautiful, or not in this for the time being. Workers can also search popularity, especially the most immediate is placed in the middle position, clear enough! The upper right corner of the free entrance is trying to become registered users, users can freely collect this station number you love game, this strong interaction can work, before the procedures are still not free the. Most of the user experience is the middle horizontal arrangement slightly larger font text button "game" to "play a much" good "evaluation" and "my game" and "double game show" and "cooking games" in the new and old customers can quickly find many people play good or their evaluation love of the game, need not looking for work, feel carefree at online entertainment. Finally, two add red, bold display of "double game", "cooking game", more prominent cat Park Baba heat dedication features small game. The bottom of the top is all 1

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