True experiences after graduation

2007 June at the age of 17, I finally went out of the gate, set foot on society! I am graduated from technical school, a mixed school for a year, what did not learn, only learn is to play games online,

idle away in seeking pleasure!

graduated, arranged in the school, came to Shenzhen, just began to think that work is very good, but do not stand for a few days, and leave you sweat ` ` left school, arranged into the factory! Go to work, a month later, still did not find a job, in fact, is not not found but do not want to do. In Shenzhen, everyone knows that the place where the money is made is too tired, and there is no money in the easy place. After playing in Shenzhen for more than two months, I went into a hotel as a waiter, and the hotel did great. I came to Xiamen two months later,


to Xiamen, the first thing is to find the Internet, because I am a man, and have no friends here, so only the Internet cafe, a boring Search about the network of part-time, see record, go look, that is also good, contact customer service, he told me a lot of theory I feel good, you decided to join, anyway, just 198 dollars, I think you can join to make money, but a month down did not earn a penny! Discouraged, give up


began to follow other people to do foreign click station, every day hand is numb, and one month down still did not earn a penny, I began to doubt that the network can really make money?


April, I see other people every day a lot of people click Wangzhuan station point like, I would like to be able to make money, he decided to open his own one, but I do not stop, hey… . sad! But has been determined, I will to do, just to find someone to buy the program, then the program for selling up, spend a few hundred dollars, is basically done, I started to look at each Wangzhuan forum publicity, membership increased day by day, a happy heart, can how many days did the website good times don’t last long, attacked, also horse, procedures have been revised, I still cannot see how he, who asked what is not! I can sell the program, originally wanted to call his program to send a copy to me, but he didn’t understand science! The


I decided to learn to do, I began to study on the Internet website, everywhere to see some things to do, a month later, he learned some basic things, I decided to do a website, just do it to buy corn in the online download space immediately. A beauty station source, uploaded to the space, just add some content, look basically well! Promotion, I started to go to the forum every day, did not find what effect, I search in Baidu, found in the webmaster nets, see a lot of promotion website article, so every day I see posted here no, go to my website, after a few days to open the site to see the sweat… The website has been shut down! Contact the space business, he said that my website has adult content, I faint, just some pictures just, where come the adult content, he just refuses to give me to open, hey…


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