No reliable products and operations in the can’t do anything

is a kind of hate is called: that’s predecessor, experienced: early and full of joy to meet the expectations of the future, and then along the plain gradually kill until the numbness, complex feelings eventually due to disappointment to hate.

, and this situation does not belong to: former, for the shell network produced o2o experience consulting platform "on the line", Ni Shu also has a similar complex emotions.

March 2015, Ji thirteen personally site promotion of new products "in", backed by the cognitive surplus theory, to share economic consulting experience o2o trend, Ni Shuyi once the model is quite good.


June 25, 2015, at Hangzhou station opened, Ni t own food in the circle of friends during 2015 contributed a whoop and a holler, nearly 1000 PV and 3 pen for online transactions.


February 17, 2016, in the "good" line for nearly a year on the occasion, written this chat platform "for Ni t in mourning their misfortune nuqibuzheng"


founded the product logic that does not hold the business model

China Internet circle have been some unwritten quirks, such as: once the discussion to slow the company’s business model, to take the initiative to ignore the profitability of the topic, seems to be a profit to slow company is an obvious bully.

and shell is also praised for the exemplary enterprises, the public and the media always talk about customer value and mode in the future, but not on the scale of business revenue and cash flow situation, because although the shell open line of products is various, but to sum up in a word "good name" can be said to be the logic and marking, and "good" is obviously a bolted Duolu shell on this line.

detailed view "in" business model, it is not difficult to understand the wisdom and cunning of its designers, users in the value part of "know" the paid version of "sharing social economy university" mode of metaphor are painted clear, delicate wonderful place…… But when it comes to how to profit, then suddenly switched to a "virgin naive model, selected in each transaction as part of the cost of profit that has been completed from a complete closed loop to the commercial value of the user value.

however, this is clearly not worth refuting: with the transaction commission model, a comparison of Tmall is very clear:

user size – the latest data released on the No. 2.16: one year of operation million class registration only, the official micro signal headlines reading less than 1000, visual fans less than 10 thousand;

usage frequency – new, slow, and can not repeat the purchase, once a week to open a lot of it! O2o is a high-frequency low-frequency field, if you know / / watercress and other relatively high frequency applications to cut into the city

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