Portals have Transformation mobile terminal and PGC can be cured

Abstract: once in the PC era, laughing old portals, has been unable to resist the impact of social media and mobile App, which have

arm to survive?


in September this year, Phoenix issued a sound of layoffs, so that the portal has become a media topic of concern. Back in time, Sohu CEO Zhang Zhaoyang said at the beginning of this year that the company will optimize its personnel structure in 2015. Just over 1 months, the Sohu has laid down more than 2000 employees. And as early as 2013, Sina has set off as much as 10% of downsizing, and the internal channel integration into news channels, commercial channels, integrated channels, such as the three major media channels.

in general, downsizing is the result of lower profits and control of labor costs. And once in the PC era, laughing old portals, has been unable to resist the impact of social media and mobile App, which have

arm to survive?

veteran portals are struggling transformation

in the second quarter of 2015, ifeng.com total revenues of 422 million 900 thousand yuan RMB, an increase of less than 3%, of which mobile advertising accounts grew 124.2%; among them, the net profit attributable to the phoenix new media part of the listed company is only 22 million 500 thousand yuan, down 73.4%.

for the second quarter of this year’s Sina, revenue grew by 14%, reaching $213 million 600 thousand. In particular, sina net revenue growth was due to the two quarter online advertising revenue increased, and online advertising revenue rose thanks to micro-blog’s advertising and marketing revenue growth; correspondingly, reduce the Sina portal advertising revenue of about $8 million.

as for Sohu’s two quarter earnings, the net loss was $28 million as the video site investment costs were too high and the game business was depressed.

in the face of the mobile Internet era of reading personalized and accurate trend, the traditional portal site earnings performance naturally not too prosperous. It is precisely because of this, portals have embarked on a difficult transition in the face of the trip.

as early as the beginning of this year, Phoenix has added personalized news client product "a little information" investment, and became the company’s largest shareholder. Taking into account the "one point information" is a user interest based information reading APP, holding "a little information" naturally become an important sign of the transformation of mobile terminals in phoenix. As early as in June 3, 2014, information App today headlines has completed the C round of $100 million financing, led by Sina, micro-blog. This year, Sohu news client launched the running channel, Zhang Zhaoyang frequently appeared in a variety of running occasions for their products to speak, Sohu’s Sogou search APP also launched the "WeChat headlines" function.


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