Yang Huan to do soft marketing, will only write is not enough

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marketing in today’s Internet proportion is quite high, the size of enterprise promotion in the use of this method, said bluntly, this is a kind of soft advertising form, some people say that this is a fraud, of course, even if this is a fraud, but also a good well, unless there is some people to cheat the user by using the method of trust, profit.

first, understand what soft Wen writer and soft text marketing difference,

soft Wen writer is only the purpose of promoting enterprises, publicity, brand promotion, product marketing and the birth of a person, so soft Wen writers can only be called a name. Soft Wen marketing is built on the soft itself and soft Wen writer on a sales method, with the writer of the difference is a big gap, want to become a professional soft Wen marketing is not so easy. If you write something like 20-50 of the total exposure, it’s a marketing failure.

two, soft Wen marketing value is

all know the site is the content of your site, if even the content is in a complete mess, how can let the user and the engine in your favor? Send some number of useless things rather than write an authoritative text, if the marketing of soft paper is definitely good enough, will be major web sites have reproduced, in this way, the first for the site’s reputation has great effect. Second if the marketing products greatly publicity, third between intangible on your web site, produced a lot of backlinks.

three, soft Wen marketing skills


1, a good soft Wen marketing will definitely collocation a perfect title, the title must be close to the user, for the user, do not take a similar title change happens, so the user has no resentment, highlight its own characteristics, a soft Wen title, just like you looks like anyone watching "love beauty, handsome". Be sure to let users of this simple title to you have a compulsive desire to enter, edit a perfect title, no matter where you send it, no one will delete your soft text.

Title Demo: Tangshan government invested billions of dollars to shoot big earthquakes: make money, not the pursuit of goals

Title Demo: shooting big earthquake in Tangshan, huge investment, not money,

the 2 title, the first is better than second, because the two Title Comparison, first from the point of view on the title of authority, and the official news of the atmosphere is very strong, if users choose to click, is definitely the first win. From the last words, money, not the pursuit of goals and never for money, give people the feeling, the first sentence to express more than second.

2, the title set is completed, the next is the content, original content is very important, for example, you are a user, see a soft after the first few paragraphs are the same, you will continue to read the original? Not to say, because you have to understand.

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