Personal interpretation’s electricity supplier counter attack road is not without strength

two days before to engage in activities, friends all night waiting to grab something, this scene let me on the sale mode and a layer of understanding, as a member of China power in the business world, made a profit in the shortest time, acquired the brand and the driving force of the market, and its strength operation mode is really worth learning. Do their own 1211 rebate network, how to say that there are 7 years, and for like this counter attack like growth, personal feeling is still somewhat shocked. After all, now China business tradition, is taking the fight and fight capital logistics strategy, although in the low price to make a difference, but not as cheap nor encumbered with, their capital chain is affected, so’s success is more a reflection of wisdom.

The success of

how to let the electricity business community has been in midstream manufacturers began to admire and envy, one of the most number is Dangdang, when the model are all commendable, Dangdang tail collection suddenly on-line direct assault on, the official platform for business owners to send a text message to do a lot of work. I also made a special trip to end collection of columns, the overall feeling and gap still exists, whether it is from the UI of the page design or from the overall layout of the source, the model still has a larger advantage, this is just my personal opinion of course.

But the

instance or from the side reflects the attract model for other manufacturers, also proved that does not rely on a new access to the market, its development track fits for the judgment of the market. In fact, in addition to Dangdang, where customers, one shop, there are a lot of Newegg is not the mainstream business website in reference to’s sale mode, but it can replicate the success of the case are not many, this also shows that in your mouth counter attack is a kind of ridicule, behind the crazy development is a kind of intelligence operation the reason and strength, difficult to copy the following. do is sale, and this model is a double-edged sword for the brand, do a good job, will keep the brand side at the same time to enhance sales, do bad will give the brand another blow. Fortunately, uses these low-cost sources quickly gained market recognition, and have the user support allows to get more initiative in the investment process, and this initiative is unique. Just imagine, no one is willing to put their products all over the world posted low-cost promotion brand, can do will not find second, so is getting the opportunity to develop.

second, now do business friends are a little more impetuous, such as pure sale website is really "offbeat", this is not to say that’s offbeat operation mode, but its insistence on operating values, that is the sale in the end, some real brand things at low prices transfer to the user, to reduce inventory and meet the business needs of the masses of ordinary consumption, in addition it is no longer involved in.

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