Uncle Li play meters domain investment 9 good word

        in 2009 today, I sat in front of the computer to write the above, is to say the following words:

1. domain names are time honored. In 1998, if I registered the domain name, can register any good at any time. But at that time there was no consciousness or money. I remember wearing * 1861, from 07 years China Mobile official change number for 10086, 1861 mobile BBS (then Baidu search mobile related are in the first page), no longer do. To seize the best opportunity to sell, to win, is beautiful.

2. domain name must not play. I have seen a lot of companies after the change of rice, the oldest trace back to sohoo, to Sohu, and today’s kooxoo into kuxun, if you were willing to spend some money, do not have to be so difficult to their own.

3. domain name, do station is kingly way. Really, I love the name, I will do, do stand even if it is linked to 1 pages, I am also satisfied, I don’t want 1 good domain name in the address bar, even if not open, open, "this is the domain name for". This is a waste of domain name resources.

4. domain name is only investment, not your life. If feasible, it is suggested that the limited resources should be closely integrated with the management of the entity. I really like chaye#com’s international domain name, and now I’m finally doing it.

The acquisition and sale of the

5. domain is impulsive. Often, sometimes just on their own impulse, want to buy a domain name. As a result, I bought it, but I didn’t know how to make good use of it. Some investors also want to sell for a domain name, but when purchased, found himself very reluctant.

6. domain name and do station does not have comparability. The domain name is used for investment, a lot of time to sell some minon meters when not long, the other is a company to do a large site, feel lost. But conversely, what if I don’t do the station? Isn’t that still on your hands? So the domain name is sold at the right time and you win the value.

7. domain name investment has circulation and blood sucking nature. Many growers are close to the meter sold out, and then sell the money to continue to receive new meters. Therefore, often caused by a certain type of rice sold artificially high. Sold out of rice money to buy new rice, but now lack of money, want to do something when they found all is a pile of rice. Domain names are terrible vampires.

Negotiability and creative high

8. domain. You can never underestimate the creativity of the terminal unless, of course, the terminal attaches great importance to its own brand. You can think of it. A Beijing company wants to be a portal, so what? It is impossible to register beijing.com, but others later

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