Where is the tomorrow of the novel stand

network, rivers and lakes in the site of life and death changes, just like the sun rises every day, West down natural. The novel station could not escape this fate, with the number of stations set, there are as many new sites will be on the line. Write down your attention to the novel station in the last few days and share it with you.

saw several previous stops closed. Some stations are originally can not; some stations are the original flow can, but was Baidu K. The biggest problem with the station is that we don’t care about our user experience, and we can’t retain users without thinking about what our users want. Like a good domain name, easy to use procedures, these are the basic hardware; but good content, comfortable pages, convenient operation is the core, but also the most we want users. For example, some small stations, such as novels, 520 hot novels Network, these stations are not very small, but with good user experience, you can gradually accumulate quite loyal users.

saw some of the recent new on-line station, an on-line, covered with advertising. The money must first lay a foundation, you webmaster oneThe to put ads, but just the opposite. Today saw a 163 novel, the day before yesterday also saw a Jiangxi novel station (cannot remember the address, as if called the Jiangxi academy ~) page is still very good. In the early days, it’s better not to put in a flood of ads. Think, if you head into such a cluttered website, will you stay? Anyway, those of us who don’t read novels will not.

novel station + user = money

without us, where is the novel stand tomorrow,


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