Test site compatibility performance

many owners in the development of a web site, are more focused on testing the function of the website, and the website style test is less and less, especially on the domestic site, we often visit some domestic site, will find in the IE display is normal, but the use of Firefox browsing when dislocation or some space can not be displayed, which is very good, the website is done to the customer, but the customer is from all over the world people, we can not be sure what they are using the system, they do not know to use browser preferences. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of different groups of people, we must test various browsers on the web page.

I think the website test requires three parts: operating system, browser, and display resolution.

first of all, the operating system, the current major operating system is nothing more than three categories: Window, Linux, Mac. Of course, there are many versions of each operating system, such as Window, XP, vista, and the latest Window7, and so on. Because the controls in each browser use the kernel of the operating system kernel, the same Button is accessed in Firefox, and the effects are different in Window, Linux, and Mac.

next to the browser, this is the main part of the test. Today’s browsers are really diverse, and many IT companies have developed a wide range of browsers, each with some new or special features. But this is not our test key, because these new browser types, but they are nothing more than IE or some version of the browser, we test page is a major test of the following categories: Firefox, IE, Safari browser, Chrome and Opera. Firefox is a browser must be tested, because Firefox is completely in accordance with the provisions of W3C, if the Firefox is normal, there are problems in other browsers are not 80%, and debugging code in the Firefox is the most convenient but. In addition, IE is also necessary to test the browser, we all know that IE is the default operating system Window system, IE based on the huge Windows user base, naturally also get a large user base. In fact, IE itself is not very worthy of recommendation (personal opinion), because many IE norms are W3C standard is not the same, and each version of the IE support for HTML will have some changes, which makes developers will encounter a lot of problems, but there is no way, so it is the default browser with Windows the system. Here to introduce you to help you test IE software: IETester. Safari, this is also the mainstream browser, because it is the default browser on the Mac system. Chro>

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