Brand analysis of local site Entrepreneurship lasting influence

Hello everybody, I’m grassroots brother, today for everyone to come to the local site entrepreneurial series of brand building analysis. In an article in the grassroots brother already and we talked to a local site planning content, some readers think that grassroots brother in. We continue the analysis, to make more vitality of our site, in addition to our promotion work to do well, we should focus on how to build our brand, to become one of the new media can affect what we do local site. Don’t talk nonsense, get to the point.

brand Keywords: influence, lasting

wants to enhance our brand value, we have to enhance the influence and persistence of the site. A brand can not be built overnight. In an article in the grassroots brother mentioned streaking and bestie promotion way, a children’s shoes brother said it would make spray grassroots people laugh, in fact it is nothing but want to let everyone grassroots brother under divergent thinking, planning of a relatively new promotion plan, and not really to wearing a home a red underwear in the Street naked. And we know, in general, through the promotion of users, can leave only a few, more need our long-term operation work to enhance our influence.

to build a powerful brand, there are several ways summed up: first, to the user through the user, namely the accumulation of some seeds in the early users, bring more users through these seed users, thus creating a word-of-mouth effect. Second, through the gathering of users and businesses, planning and hosting a series of users can participate in, and in line with the user’s appetite activities, and thus enhance the site in the user’s image of the heart. Third, through long-term advertising in the local, let our site slowly to users have subtle influence. Fourth, but also the most important point, the site’s internal planning and operation, adhere to do it, one day will be better than the day.

unconsciously elaborated a great deal of theory, these children’s shoes all understand, we will be specific. The above aspects, in fact, are an integral whole, and any link is not good, will affect the overall effectiveness of our results. Said the first promotion, in the previous article we mentioned about the issue of promotion, with some of the more creative ways of promotion can let us get good results, here we will not go into details, we focus on how to let us bring users more users.

The process of

promotion and operation as we date, good promotion means to be able to attract more users, it is like we attract girls, and the operation process is what makes us about the user, change point analysis, if we have our success will be the right girl out, but the process we feel boring dating to the goddess, the goddess that will take you away? The answer is.. Well, guess.

, why can we let the goddess fall in love with us? Grassroots!

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