First learn to pay, and then to think, return will be closer to the goal

the Internet is an open platform, the popularity of the network closer to the distance between people, the earth has become a global village. Stationmaster is the product of this network times.

said the master is as a long fight a lone battle, grassroots network owners, no sufficient funds, there is no strong background, no superhuman powers, no specific function, only in the personal website of the groping road. Stationmaster’s hardships, only oneself most clearly.

said that although the webmaster is very hard to fight a lone battle is inevitable, but the owners still have to learn to cooperate, to know their cooperation and win-win with others outside the box. As the saying goes, to take the first. If you want to gain the appreciation and cooperation of others, you should show yourself to others and meet the demands of others, and you will achieve your goals smoothly.

often visit A5 forums, see a lot of webmaster here to share information, exchange experience, often also see the exchange of links information. In a forum for a long time, naturally to other ID also gradually familiar with, from their posts, probably can understand this person’s personality, hobbies. For example, some ID often send some valuable posts, share their experience, do stand story, naturally high marks for the webmaster, his impression of the site is relatively good; there are some special ID AD, or forwarded some meaningless posts, not a valuable information from his post harvest. The station was not good impression. If this time, two people at the same time find you exchange links, I think we will be willing to and the former friends chain.

actually, this is the classic expression of "take it first, give it first". That valuable post of ID, he first provide others with valuable things, in other webmaster eyes set a good image; when he put forward certain requirements, naturally easy to obtain recognition and support. Not only to achieve the purpose, but also made friends, is a very smart, very simple way.

sometimes, the same is true of teamwork. For example, you are doing beauty website, and the NetEase is planning a woman nationwide "beauty Master" activities, I hope I can become the activities of the media support, and hope to make a woman NetEase channel link. You need to show their own advantages, such as the number of users, how to flow, the influence of the website, and tell them that you can do full coverage of site activities, do not need to return, just want to become one of the media support. At this point, NetEase channel is likely to accept your request, plus your website logo, to make your website a media support.

NetEase women’s channels want better publicity, and your website hopes to get a lot more exposure through NetEase’s women’s channels to raise the chance of leaving the country and kill two birds with one stone. As a portal like NetEase, it’s not easy to accept your request, so be sure to tell the other party what you can offer and what it can bring to the activity

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