08 years of website promotion hot like feast

Xiao Bian’s complaints: Dear webmaster friends, in the small series of repeated efforts and brainstorming, the first phase of the "webmaster" finally met with you (flowers? What about applause? Where’s the flash?. Less gossip continued, the first phase we offer 2008 website promotion gluttonous dinner, make your site with the help of hot events within a short period of time to hot up, (TSK TSK………)

      the importance of website promotion is self-evident, and now the promotion methods are also various, each has its merits. Here, we only introduce one of them — seize the hot events, carry on the strong promotion, make the event "gluttonous feast", let more users take the initiative to enjoy".


feast first step: material selection for dishes feast in second steps: deep processing to do the dishes feast third: launched hot feast feast fourth: lasting aftertaste stick users

gluttonous feast, the first step: choose materials, find dishes,

feast is bound to have a lot of food, first of all to choose materials, that is, looking for a hot spot can be promoted. Sina, Sohu, Top.baidu, or QQ group, everyone’s discussion is the best market we choose. Webmaster can from their website positioning, choose the right hot spots to do. Here are some "small finishing hot dishes, shortage of applause. ^_^

1, fine stir (Social News)

      this is the most common dish and, of course, the most popular dish. How many people can escape the temptation of such dishes? This kind of many dishes, such as the Southern China tiger incident, black brickkiln thousands of children drudge exposure events, French man in Qiandao Lake shameless, most people know that in the Internet and discussed it, how you can site lacks this kind of content?

(reference post: http://s.dzh.mop.com/topic/main/readSubMain_7971849_0.html)

2, Xiaochao (live entertainment events report)

      with the hotel "fine cooking" if you miss the Home Dishes? This kind of food (hot) is especially suitable for the talk at leisure, such as youth inspirational drama popular screen "soldier assault", "struggle", director Ang Lee’s new film "lust", lotus, pornographic. Let you have more traffic, the conversation is essential at leisure. Of course, webmasters should also pay attention to a "scale" of the problem, illegal, harmful to society can not be used, oh, just like Edison Chan event, although the public attention to the high degree of photos, but this matter can make >

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