t’s not a dream to make our way to success

as night fell, the neon lights of the high buildings in the city shone with colorful lights, and the nightlife of the city began. I walk in a street in the city, enjoying the cool breeze blowing, I feel more relaxed. From school to work, I spent almost every minute of free time to study and work around the red color, I have no mood to ignore. After coming to the city, this should be the first time for me to enjoy the night view of the city with my leisure.

I was born in rural areas, family is not good, in order to let me get a better education, parents all to friends and relatives to borrow the money, with heavy money came to the city, entering the university road is the parents’ hard-earned, I swear, I will never let my parents again worry about me! College life, in addition to the daily learning, I have part-time jobs in my spare time, hoping to earn a little money, sharing home dilemma. The part-time job made me learn a lot of successful people from it. The dream of entrepreneurship inspires me.

maybe there are endless twists and turns on the way to success. 08 years of financial attacks, so that many people lost their jobs, but also to the debt ridden me, but also a wound, tired body no longer listen to my command.

After I graduated from

, I was lucky enough to work for an advertising company and slowly saved every penny I sent home to pay my parents debt. By working to pay off the debt at home, and then to muddle along without any aim live? Think of every day the same route back and forth, let me feel tired. Is that why I’ve been working for someone else? The idea of starting a business has hit me again and again. But entrepreneurship is easier said than done! Capital needs is a big difficulty to me.

chatted with friends he met at college during an occasional chance. When I was in college, I was not interested in the work he did, and I also told him about my displeasure and ideas when I was chatting. He listened to my post, told me that he now with friends to do local station site, the cost is low, and now the Internet development speed, as long as the operation is good, the income also will be expensive. He suggested that if you really want to start business, you can take a good look at online start-ups.

his words touched me. But to create and operate a website for me is almost absolutely ignorant of, everything can only begin to learn from scratch. First of all, what website should I create? The travel network should be my choice. With the development of the home town in recent years, tourism has also begun to flourish, but there are no websites that really advertise home tourism.

throughout the major domestic mainstream online travel search engine portal, online travel related website market potential is huge, the prospect is broad, can be excavated market carrying capacity still has great expansion and extension of space.

, a website built up, although not difficult, after the site of the SEO optimization and promotion work, let me feel the depth of each industry knowledge >

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