Discussion on the value and main problems of website exchange link

first of all, thank you for watching this article, if you have different opinions, please forgive me, after all, I’m a rookie, well, cut into the topic. Believe that the webmaster exchange links attach great importance to this problem, then a link exchange can achieve effect, have great differences in many scholars or marketing staff views, some people think that the traffic can be obtained from the link is very small, some people think that the meaning of the link, not only can obtain the potential value of the brand, but also can get a lot of direct access. At the same time, there are still some areas to note for the issue of switching links. I personally feel that the meaning of the exchange links not only how much in the direct effect, but in the cognitive and recognition, in general, each link to sites closer in size, have certain relevance or complementary content.


link on the website on the issue, we often see some very different results, some sites do not distinguish lists many apparently unrelated websites, from the chemical building materials to the personal portrait, of every hue and personal homepage, there are many sites, there is no related links. These two situations are somewhat extreme, and even in normal circumstances, there are still some areas that need attention.

1. no valuable link

how many links is enough to do, this is often some network marketing personnel are more concerned about the problem, but this standard I’m afraid it is difficult to determine, mainly with the site in the field of the situation. A special professional website, possibly related or complementary, has a very small number of sites, and there is less chance of exchanging links. Conversely, popular web sites can choose a much wider range of linked objects.

we hope that the number of linked sites as much as possible, but not what kind of links are meaningful, irrelevant links on your own website does not have what positive effect, instead, a large number of irrelevant or low level links, will reduce the high quality of your website trust, at the same time, visitors will be on your site will be regarded as low quality or not professional, serious impact on the reputation of the website.

so, don’t try to try the automatic link software to complete, not a lot of low quality website links, each link object is a partner, make analysis should be personally to the partner, to see whether there is a need to do cross links, only through careful analysis after a successful cooperation invitation. The opportunity is relatively large.

often receive some content in no relationship or not much content website link exchange, some sites even prior to the same link to a link, and these sites link not only has no meaning, sometimes even will damage his image.

2. invalid link

doesn’t like their website to have a lot of invalid links, but in fact, many sites are there in varying degrees

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