Webmaster buying virtual host cheated experience

personal webmaster do not easy, every day at the computer, the website as their own children, every care, update the content, to do publicity, to see where the art is not good, or not eat, immediately changed; it was a reflection of where it is not convenient, whether or not the thing it, immediately; others say all to be honest, hard-working ants, owners more tired, more hard-working! Because the webmaster is a person that is a homely food fight a lone battle all night.

which is not what the most distressing is the establishment of the product, the domain name is generally not a problem, but the host may suffer, if there is a problem, you do not worry, service providers do not care, you have no way, delayed two days, all the traffic quickly gone, very depressed ah.

previously cheap, find a company (now estimated to have closed down, the website can not open), the price is enough, and 1G also only a few hundred pieces, can not help temptation……

sorry ah, after may suffer, but a few days ago, after two weeks the problem comes, call in the past, that is the space is too small, large flow, the need to upgrade the virtual host, halo, so how can only flow is too small space and he was? They quarreled.

later they said that the upgrade space would be a little cheaper and that it wouldn’t be a problem. Once again I cheated on board, and pay a few hundred dollars tuition, the results do not say, regret is dead, refuse service…

money wasted, do not say, web site hard traffic, optimized keywords, alas, feel that their site completely destroyed. But then calm down, or change the space quickly. Zhaolaizhaoqu nets should be good, a look at the price, 1.2G is close to 6 thousand, is too high, sell the brand, price is certainly not low. Let’s find something else. Then I saw the Ali Mama advertising, go look, find a good host, can also look at the price, look at their brands in the industry can still, the brand is not afraid, not for a few hundred dollars put hard to hit the brand, eventually chose it up to now, well, what problems did not appear.

here, the personal experience of standing down to write, give you hard to do the station owners to make, do webmaster is not easy, choose the host carefully, don’t let your station destroyed in service providers there.

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