Site 3 days, P thousands of analysis, rookie alternative promotion methods

I’m a grass root. It’s almost two years since I stood here. (middle, do stop), so still stay at the grassroots Adsense level,


in the continuous learning and communication with friends, I summed up the site 3 days IP over 1000 promotion methods:

1, first downloaded a landing on the Internet, 8.5 crack software, landing on the search engine.

2, registered N, multiple QQ, mission plus friends. In QQ group. Then send mail.

3, the website magic and group cooperation into. My site is QQ game player forum domain name is QQ QQ and spelling game player. So I focus on the promotion of localization is the QQ user! When with a group to talk about! One of his said reminded me: you asked me to write a website in my group address on what are the benefits? So I will think of free advertising idea! Do it. Surprisingly, I have come a lot of traffic, but also a stable member.

4, that is, write an attractive ad to Advertise yourself in the forum, such as my ad: registered moderators, earn cash with advertising.

other methods are not written, because A5 is more like this post, I wish you all the traffic every day soaring

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