To help the supermarket delivery 2 years, how to become a valuation of 2 billion O2O star company

[guidance] previously said, "errands" type of Internet business model is not reliable, but only 2 years of community 001, now became a monthly revenue of billions of dollars, the valuation of up to 2 billion of the O2O company. Founder Shao Yuanyuan: National Development of 600 thousand users, an average of 20 thousand orders per day, customers around 300 yuan, the Beijing market is also accounted for in the entire community 001 of revenue, and has begun to profit."


about 001 communities, in addition to most of Beijing city community residents, many consumers are still very strange, but the angel investors Xue Manzi invested 5 million yuan to set up two companies, now has billions of dollars monthly revenue, and from Beijing to the country’s more than 10 city.

in the current model has been mining out under the environment of the community, 001 "no, no, no warehousing logistics supply chain", it sounds even a bit like handbag company, what last year in the eyes of Xue Manzi was 5 hundred million, this year was 2 billion

investment valuation of the company?

hypermarket Porter

reporter after 001 community founder Shao Yuanyuan model for their introduction, the first reaction was: "we just like Nongfushangquan nature of Porter" advertisements, 001 community a bit like "we are just big store goods porter".

in June 2012 the first 001 from the district to the community and Beijing Chaoyang lotus jointly established, to provide distribution services to community residents within 5 kilometers, these goods are hypermarkets cooperation from within the district to take the goods, and promise to consumers one hour service.

2013, the community 001 has developed 18 business circles in Beijing, and to Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places to develop, in those years won a sum of billions of yuan A round of financing. Today, community 001 has developed 28 business circles in more than 4300 communities in Beijing, and has entered 12 cities in China, including Wuhan, Nanjing, Hangzhou and so on.

Shao Yuanyuan talked about the original intention of doing community 001, is based on the idea of landing the Internet, in his view, the key to the Internet is to find people, rather than finding traffic. If the electronic community, the use of the previous developer resources Soufangwang accumulation (Shao Yuanyuan is the former president of SouFun operation, one of the founders), Shao Yuanyuan himself established a electronic system between the property owners and property can be interactive, can use ICT to the owners to send various short notice, the internal interactive electronic system. This also laid the foundation for the community 001.

Shao Yuanyuan told reporters that the community 001 do not supply chain, do not build supermarkets, electricity providers do not do the platform, the time and genes determine community 001, if you want to do second shop No. 1, it is impossible to succeed. Hypermarkets have advantages in the quality of goods, and their disadvantage is sales and promotion, which is the 001 advantage of the community." >

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