The age of backup How did choose the website space and domain name

these days a little bit of time, I did fourth websites, the first three are not good, the best station is also around IP1000, poor 100IP. The site was originally want to earn a little money, but now there is no comrade Google to update the PR, third do website for half a year, no PR, no PR to sell the chain also do not sell a good price, one yuan a two yuan a, also do not sell, the site does not flow, do pop is not to earn money, it is only to be a station, I hope this new station do a good flow. It’s simple and easy to say. It’s not easy to say.

first, the choice of website space. Never choose a free space provider. There is no such thing as a free lunch. Choose big companies, IDC prices are too high, we can not stand this kind of person. There is also a little difficult to pick the domestic, and now to record, to take pictures home, where I am not good point of IDC, and that the record is also very annoying, and that only choose foreign space. Foreign optional, domestic development is relatively good, I lined up: 1, the United States 2, Hongkong, 3, South korea. My own analysis through a week, or the United States space is better, the price is not high, the speed of the general, but the large computer room is very stable, then I choose the United States space.

secondly, choose the domain name of the website, CN can not register, that can only choose NET|COM|ORG these. Okay now, remember, short COM domain name, it is less and less, I want to do the free movie download site, check for a week, the final set for this domain name:, 123pp movie network. Domain name is relatively short, good to remember, although it is NET, but I think it is good.

finally, which system is used to build the station?. Several previous CMS news systems using free OK3W are ASP, but are dynamic and cannot generate static. See the SEO article on the website, say dynamic is bad, want to use can generate static page, this is advantageous to SEO. Later on the Internet to find a DEDE test, the test complex, not suitable. Or use OK3W in Taobao to buy a static page can be registered version, 5 yuan money. Ha, the registered version is much better than the free version.

OK, space + domain name + system =215 yuan, 300M 5%CPU IIS300, I think it can be accepted. If Google can update PR, then the mistake will come back soon, even if it’s garbage station again. I hope this little experience written above is useful to all of us.

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