t pays to pay back. My online customer service system is profitable

is pleased that Admin5 has provided such a good platform for communication,

learned a lot from here. Today I would like to share some of my experiences with you.

I started the online customer service system this year. [HTTP://s.5ikf.cn]

only so choose to do this, the 1 is my own, the original station will install online customer service, very convenient. The 2 one is that I have my own server. The 3 is to make a long-term project.

After the

system is debugged, wait for the client to register and collect the money.

but the facts are often not as easy as they think. After 12 months, nothing happened.

later learned lessons from ADMIN5.COM, giving our local businesses and travel agencies a free 1 year full featured trial version of 20 accounts.

in this way, attracted the attention of other local travel agencies and enterprises, and soon someone came to buy, although not much, but it is a good beginning. Oh, free is king,


now I often soak ADMIN5, hoping to learn more,

at the same time, in order to thank you for your selfless dedication,

I decided to give free to ADMIN5.COM webmaster friends free 100 full-featured accounts, conditions are not limited, but must be a legitimate site.

if you have this kind of resources, you can also carry out various cooperation.

welcome everybody to add my QQ:9388728 to communicate together,


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