Your value is not determined by the market, but by yourself

in the morning for new website topology, has received two calls, a provincial hospital, is a network, the two units of the personnel that is found from Baidu I heard the soft, well written, keyword optimization skills, I am asked to do the whole job site optimization. Although the two out of the salary is also good, especially the network also gives each additional popular keywords ranked home plus five thousand bonus, at first I is exciting, but eventually euphemism declined the invitation of two. Although my SEO is not mature, although the optimization needs a team combat, but I still have the confidence to do the optimization of this piece, I have been able to undertake an independent website optimization project. Now comes the company to develop the focus shifted to the critical moment of the site optimization, I cannot leave, I must be in the year after the company’s website leaf total collaborative optimization is set up, and continue to grow, to optimize the project done in one vigorous effort.

company in order to optimize the site to do this piece, excluding the design department and the Ministry of Commerce, the company is almost the only one I have, the basic salary, at this time to escape, I can not do. Furthermore, have three station I can not put down, one is the enterprise network, one is the Pakistan Balibar mall, one is currently under construction in the SEO website – "the SEO". The first two stations, almost from the zero included start, two months of optimization has been little effective, and this is what I set up with painstaking effort. The new station is dedicated to Fuzhou site optimization a station design, from the perspective of optimizing, I will be the site of topological picture and changed, changed and painting, after a week in the final today finalized: currently has a registered domain name, space record, web design, layout design and so on among the new station is expected to released in 10 days, I will carefully, this site will be SEO and 11 do stand experience to share, and provide the PR value and included the webmaster tools query service, so many webmaster and SEO newcomer can often come to do guest station on the site, published reflections, mutual exchanges and learning. In short, the channel SEO can bring a certain harvest to website builders and SEO newcomers.

until now, the website optimization fees and fees have not been determined, because the definition of SEO fees is very complex, I have developed two sets of fees programs have not yet formed a formal corporate document promotion. I would like to establish this quotation system before the holiday, because the customer is most concerned about the optimization of the offer. I still insist on the relatively easy to calculate and reasonable scheme: website optimization fee, +SEO ranking effect fee. Website optimization fee is based on the customer’s entire website structure, pages and content, etc., need to optimize the degree of ease to predict the price. Do ZhengZhan optimization the cost for a year is 1-3 million, which includes the website structure optimization, the optimization of the inside and outside optimization. This fee must be charged at a single time because it is the basis of the site for SEO. In addition, SEO ranking effect fees according to the actual ranking fees. If >

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