My road to entrepreneurship, my own experiences, my feelings

one day in April 2006, a premeditated (a misnomer, but very real) ideas touched my heart, decided to leave the original company, began his entrepreneurial career path.

in April 2005 into a jewelry company to work, to learn and accumulate some experience, since the beginning of the plan after a year to go out of business, so now the company after he began studying hard jewelry related knowledge, no matter how busy it is, how tired, or even a month down rest day, but in the heart, I never fall down, to come, but also achieve good results in the company, including material capital reward, but still the greatest spiritual encouragement, the boss is very important to me, not 3 months let me when the sales the Department Manager, and director of the procurement department, the company’s customer information and basic goods are in my hands, but then again, since it alone did not use the original guest Family, because the boss is really good to me, I can’t do business with the rules of the game. Later and the original boss is still a good friend, this is what I am most gratified, did not become enemies.

then tell me about my real life out of business. Last April, with my savings of 80 thousand and friends borrowed 50 thousand yuan began my life turning point, – – entrepreneurship, a can only go forward, can not turn back the road. Set up a small company (even Bai jewelry), because according to my investigation, there is no a real online wholesale jewelry company, perhaps, but they are mainly silver jewelry and crystal jewelry, I want to open up a broader market in addition, that contains pearl, coral, turquoise, crystal, glass, shells, silver jewelry and other kinds of semi precious stones, from the semi-finished products to various styles of products wholesale services, specialized in providing the resources for those small wholesalers, mainly for Taobao, eBay sellers, pat sellers sellers, stalls, all kinds of jewelry stores, supermarkets. Those are our major customer groups. The above briefly describes the company’s main business, in order to write the following business, "sweet and sour, bitter, spicy" bedding.

started looking for a three bedroom dual-use commercial and residential houses as the birthplace of entrepreneurship, to find a few friends together to help dry (this note, not cooperation, to give them wages, so to avoid the day after a lot of trouble, I think this is wise remark of an experienced person, at least), one month’s rent 3500 yuan, three employees, salary 1500 yuan per person, they eat, thanks to that several of my friends to help me started work very seriously, they usually work until 12, basically no Saturday day here, but I will not restrict their freedom of life. I have something to do can leave at any time, can be on vacation, not wages, but they rarely leave, really want to thank them to pay so much for me, I will repay them The. At least they are the backbone of the company now, and I trust them most

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