Tencent three years of unsuccessful, abdication turret legend, 200 million monthly waterSimilar to ,

"Legend of turret" surprised the whole industry.

then, Lao Tzu no longer needs investment, and soon it became LP of funds such as Gao rong. By virtue of this game.

in May 2013, he and Tencent game "Aurora studio" the other two brothers founded the Lilith out technology. "The legend of the sword tower" is their first.


enterprise, vs enterprise, WeChat

he’s actually capricorn.


can not accurately describe the hand travel, card count?…

as the carrier of entrepreneurial vs, WeChat as the carrier of Entrepreneurship:

– baby, rich, very rich,

do you know how cool your day will be when you come out with a

developed a WeChat group assistant, will feed a small bunch of staff selling software, after a while ago hot circle of friends "characters" was banned in WeChat to refresh my circle of friends, and unblocked.

Abstract: 3 of us come out to start business, the success rate may be 20%; the team a little bit up, 60%; and find a forced release team, the market with good, just 100%.

Taobao vs micro dealer, micro store

cluster vs

a software that can help users at the same time dozens of operations, hundreds of , WeChat, buy software, you can control dozens, or even hundreds of , WeChat, in order to achieve maximum efficiency of promotion purposes. Everything is for marketing!

is there a cinema this is in addition to sell 91 of the dragon, the first time I saw the company in the cinema, not multi-purpose hall, is to see a large one


looks very pale and soft waxy, is actually a lion character: decision confidence never yield in spite of reverses, hope everything is under control.

is the same with WeChat services for enterprises based on the introduction of in enterprises, after years of promotion, precipitation, or have a certain market, but in comparison, just shortly after the birth of the company WeChat, penetration rate significantly less.


the terrace and the lecture hall are nothing,



in fact, before the product line is really short of money!



several Japanese style meditation rooms.

viral products jumped out, but the turret legend is a Mobile Games, compared it is super suction gold.

adds here: actually, money is not the only harvest of explosion money, and making money is not the only standard to evaluate "explosion".


this is also a "small user demand pain point" developed by the gadget, simple and good operation, according to the founder said, this product design took 10 minutes.

so, in the Tencent for three years, but mixed with a little outstanding Wang Xinwen classmate became a inspirational legend.

customers, using a accession, constructive channels set up a user IP, when you have a number, the five group, a space, you may only have 500 friends +2200 a group of users, less than 3000 of IP, but when you have 100 No. when your IP value rose to 20000, similar to a cattle station

play is simple: pay attention to the public number, enter the desired text, and then generate pictures, share friends circle, demand pain point is also very direct: friend circle letter >



130 people, 40 square meters per capita, you count it, in Shanghai, a total of more than 5000 flat office area.

to WeChat as the main development of small and medium-sized entrepreneurial team, to a large extent in the old way, and based on this similar service model entrepreneurs, earn is fast money.

at the industry gathering to see the big brother demo version, big brother are "ha ha"". Publisher also "ha ha"".

WeChat device

and then everyone usually makes chairs like this,

turn came, after a few months on the line, there will be 200 million yuan of monthly water,

? There are several Shuabing, annual

corresponding, WeChat circle called micro dealer, micro shop. The resources available are WeChat friends, WeChat group, WeChat friends circle.

WeChat circle of friends began to sell new things, this baby called WeChat mass device, called WeChat group control small assistant, called batch group control operation 30 mobile phones…… It is not very familiar with? When the prevalence of abnormal promotion, a man named group, has also won the free version of the mass marketing to attract staff, and finally we found that the total land free to have good stuff……

can enjoy a nice cottage with two little meow,

can now WeChat cornet? Public numbers can also deal! Do not know after the micro signal can not deal ah, such as a 5000 living micro signal sold to do micro business people……

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