Three years valuation changed from 1 billion to 6 billion! Mengniu Marshal three new board game…..

in fact, the reason is generous, because Mengniu needed a strong person to come out and integrate milk upstream, to ensure that their milk supply.

by big acquisitions and landed three new board, Yang Wenjun saikexing built into a set of "seed industry, animal husbandry and Grassland" as one of the upstream dairy company, revenue and valuation also increased year by year.

to facilitate Ma’s worldwide globalisation of small and medium-sized enterprises.

is a rare exception to the SECCO star in the upper reaches of the dairy industry. In 2013 star valuation 1 billion 161 million, but by 2016, the valuation has reached 6 billion 261 million, three years increased by about 5000000000.

in 1998, Yang Wenjun left Erie, where he had worked for 10 years, with Niu Gensheng to create Mengniu from scratch.

dairy is a market that is still growing fast. According to estimates published in the prospectus, "demand for dairy products will continue to grow at an annual rate of 7% to 10% over the next 5-10 years, and demand for dairy products will be 1.5 times that of 2015 by 2020."".

, one of the major producers of explosive growth in China’s dairy industry in the past ten years, is a media evaluation of Yang Wenjun. His two venture has become a major event shaping the pattern of the domestic dairy industry.

"I’m a strong supporter of globalisation," said

double valuation in the short time of the new three Board companies have two categories, one is the previous two years of private equity, such as Jiuding; first, film and television entertainment companies, such as Yang Mi’s Ka OK media.

Ma Yun divided Ali’s relationship with the government into three stages. In the first stage, the government does not know what Ali is doing, but it gives space for development. "You get too many projects from the government, and you can’t get the market project," Ma Yun said. We have only focused on consumers and small businesses for the first ten years. We are developing fast."

headquarters in Geneva, Ma quipped that, to get offer more than half a year, has been on a business trip, and finally came back today, "punch to work", the excitement of the bad.


United Nations special pass left for Ma Yun

in September 2016, Ma was invited to serve as a special adviser on youth entrepreneurship and small businesses at the United Nations Conference on Trade and development. The appointment was made by the Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, within the United Nations system, equivalent to the Assistant Secretary General of the United nations.

took over the marshal saikexing Mengniu, the integration of upstream dairy

, who spoke to his colleagues at the scene. "Globalisation has so far been developing for 20 to 30 years, and still a baby.". Now is the best time to improve globalization, and only better globalization can achieve inclusive, sustainable, healthy and happy." He stressed that their own journey, "to globalization, electricity providers, not to globalization, Alibaba."."

and Yang Wenjun is the right man. From 1988 to enter the Erie milk food factory formerly hot Hui date, Yang Wenjun has 20 years of experience in the dairy industry. In 1998, he received the pass Niu’s olive branch, with Mengniu, and started to participate in a Mengniu Group, known as the "marshal of mengniu".

April 2012, the 46 year old Yang Wenjun stepped down as president of Mengniu, began to venture, from Mengniu hand over saikexing.

local time April 25th morning just after 9 pm, UN assistant secretary general, United Nations Conference on Trade and development of youth entrepreneurship and special adviser to small enterprises Ma came to Geneva Office of the United Nations, the first half of the year to share work with colleagues. Since his appointment last September, Ma has been running around the world, fulfilling his responsibilities to help young people and small businesses.

media evaluation, the move is more like Mengniu, a major shareholder of COFCO, COFCO its once generous gift of wealth.

when someone put forward the "China government in support of the rapid development of Alibaba and the success of the measures taken by this issue, Ma Yun said, he has been convinced, and the government should love each other, but don’t get married.

the second stage is understanding. Ma Yun said that when the scale became larger, all officials said they should do something and got a lot of understanding from the government. Last year, 24000 different levels of officials visited the Alibaba Park, each working

After becoming a United Nations official, The United Nations has also awarded the highest level of the United Nations’ red special pass for

Yang Wenjun from Mengniu Group handed over 17.78% of the equity, the shareholding ratio of 38.10%, becoming the controlling shareholder and actual controller, Mengniu Group Holdings fell to 4.05%.

Yang Wenjun and saikexing, become Mongolia >

, whether he is in public or meeting with dignitaries or business leaders, is talking about helping small businesses.

saikexing is already a net profit of about 20000000 upstream dairy company, control of Mengniu milk, is preparing for the listing.

valuation of the company is growing so fast, but backed by the "Mengniu Dairy gangster", because "one hand capital Mengniu marshal Yang Wenjun.

Ma Yun says that for the next 30 years, opportunities will be made for small people. Opportunities are for developing countries.

, according to statistics, in 2016 alone, Ma flew more than 800 hours, visited 33 countries and regions. Mr. Ma Yun said the more he talked with the president, Prime Minister and entrepreneur on the global trip, the more confident he was about globalisation.

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