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Then we improve the

at the beginning of May 2011, we decided to take a long time " idea " landing, to do a drawing tool based on browser. A window can be standardized map, and no longer need to download, install, and through the Internet to achieve cloud storage, whenever and wherever possible, as long as you can open sh419, you can make plans online.

we formally deployed on the afternoon of February 6th, we called it Beta version, and later we gradually increased the group and share function.

‘s name

we were the first to solve the problem is to give it a name, at first we just want to realize process map, then LinkedIn is abroad is fire, which is a professional social workplace, consisting of Linked and In, we will learn from the way it is our composition, flow chart of online online process tools, and later formed the ProcessOn, we hope that one day like LinkedIn ProcessOn can become a global service users love products.

research and development process

brand promotion on the use of these strokes, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan

2012 June, we start to plan the new designer, start all over again…. after a year of testing and improvement, in 2013 at the end of June, we successfully launched new designer. In December of the same year, we launched the iOS and UI diagrams for front-end designers, and we are now ready to do mobile terminals and mind maps. >

, this article is my website in the actual management of some experience, is shared with you. Hope to communicate with you and make progress together, and make your own forum better.

A, accurate positioning and development direction

The early development of

we contacted some of the school students, school leaders, get some support and promotion opportunities, the original management in the network to each school for some publicity. It was tough, too. Several times the guards got out. But as managers, they must undergo these hardships.

free forum software forum for the location, this is the forum all must be taken into account before the opening problem. It is also a key issue accompanying the development of the forum. Only when we can correctly grasp our position can we make progress!

and need to have a complete set of its position to adapt to the development of the general direction of such a plan, can guide the forum at any time not to deviate from the direction of the right way.

two, personnel selection and appointment

The level of

quote "A World Without Thieves" in a word: "what’s missing in twenty-first Century? Talent!" The appointment of qualified personnel is very important. The people who use it in the best places will receive good results! And it will bring good popularity.

three, layout design and overall planning

> Forum

with ProcessOn and N+1 continue to improve, and user communication, we feel the Flash version of the designer has been unable to meet the needs of users, you must install the Adobe plugin does not say before use, because of its great size, every time before loading time is long, there are problems such as. At that time, HTML5 was just popular in China. After many discussions inside, we decided to give up the Flash designer who had been working for a year, and re developed a new version of the designer based on HTML5.

side of the designer, while doing the surrounding functional development, which was made of file management functions, to 2012 February, the entire station has a basic prototype, users can do a very good plan and manage their own files.

The origin of

recalls three years ago, we are still conceiving this product, and now nearly one hundred thousand users in use, the number of users created by the figure has been close to one million..

the end of May 2011 we began to develop ProcessOn, is actually an online designer, then spent 4 months on the network test on the line, the first line is a large volume of Flash, through the Flash can do some basic map.

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